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  1. Review is up https://www.projectorcentral.com/LG-CineBeam-HU810PW-Laser-Projector-Review.htm
  2. Was contemplating the Nord streamer, pls do share your review opinion ;D
  3. I bought Ikea Bamboo shelf & some metal legs, and did up a riser platform. Touch wood, holding up my 65in tv ok so far ;). The only thing doesnt cover cabling so well.
  4. I second this, good stuff ;D half chicken only 7.50. Infact i prefer this over Liao Fan.
  5. Hi, am keen, appended to list. Thamks
  6. Haha ;D.. Nostalgia.. . I'm still having my 20-39+ cylinder from the MO organized by Quest/Limyu.
  7. Thanks Alfie for, hosting the session some more with free makan ;D, I'd gotten some good pointers from the sharing towards my 1st projector(ie. there could be light reflection from the floor one should avoid) Great meeting fellow XP folks esp the long termer and gurus of XP. Thumbs up for the continuous sharing
  8. [quote author=jeffong link= 1) Jag 2) Wizardofoz 3) Khun 4) desray - must show support! 5) Andreasgursky 6) kaydee 7) tsammyc 8) HDTV_noobie 9) Francis wu 10) flowerpot 11) Ranjith 12)willshaw 13) Jagdpanzer 14) ginamos 15)zuko 16) Terry 17) Jeffong 18) Fei
  9. Haha... Looks like common bug bear, just have to keep constant cleaning and dusting. Previously I had try to arrange cables by lanes behind my console, as my av rack on the right of my TV console, using cheap Daiso hanging rack, with power cable on the lower lane and signal cables (speaker, HDMI) on lane 2 and 3 above, etc Unfortunately, results not as great due to various cable lengths.. Oh well :'(
  10. Hi Guys, Am in the process of replanning my living room home theatre to include ceiling atmos speakers. One of my dread is redoing my cable management, as despite my best attempt, things still gets abit messy after a while (swapping cables, varying lengths, etc) Was wondering how do you normally approach cable management to get it reasonably neat and maintained (dealing with gathering dust, etc) - any good sharing? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Guys, Do let me know if anyone wants to let go their MA Apex A10 speakers(pair). Do let me know how old, condition, colour and asking price via PM. Thanks for looking, cheers
  12. Incase useful, I previously used http://www.greenergy.com.sg to recover a HDD, thankfully was successful. Not sure if they can handle SD though? Can explore if can help you? *Note: Am not affiliated nor working for them, sharing incase helpful for fellow XPians
  13. Understand the Xiaomi is 4k only on input but output is 1080p, still darn attractive for getting a 100+inch screen output.
  14. Hi yeeming, Curious how did your 5008 repair go? My own 5008 is acting up, encountering weird distortion noises to my speakers even though I disconnected all inputs. I m thinking whether worth it to repair? Tx for any feedback
  15. Hi, Looking for Bluesound Node 2 (Black coloured). Please state how old, condition and asking price, thanks in advance
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