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  1. Item: Arcam AVR FMJ 750 Location: Woodleigh Park Price: 1800 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Crypto Extra Info: Needs no introduction really. Absolute powerhouse of a receiver that powered my monitor audio gs60 superbly. Genuinely quite shocked at how good the sound quality is. https://www.whathifi.com/us/arcam/avr750/review Photos (you must include photographs here):
  2. Thanks for the above dude. @kopidilo - i've located a couple of units in the UK so am going to look to ship them over and pair it with a p7 arcam pre-amp. Exciting times.
  3. I tried AV ONE but they are only stocking the new range AVR. Any ideas where else I could look for the AVR 550? Second hand is also fine. Have made a post in the classifieds.
  4. Long shot, but I am trying to locate an Arcam AVR 550 receiver. If anyone is looking to upgrade, or knows where I might be able to buy one in Singapore, please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Thanks man. I think you are right. Sigh. Was hoping for a short term solution until the big expenditure for a new amp as I just bought the JVC n3.. Will start searching for the AVR 550 as that should suit my needs.
  6. As a follow up, I tried to split the digital audio from the HDMI running from my Playstation 5 to my Arcam with this - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRT9VGL/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdb_imm_t1_Em.TFbVXT41VX But it did not work. My receiver cannot read the digital optical signal. Would something from https://hdfury.com/shop/ perhaps be a better choice, solve this issue? Means I do not have to upgrade my amp.
  7. Hi there. I will try not to waffle on but in short my current set up is. Arcam AVR 750 Monitor Audio GS60 JVC N3 Projector Playstation 5. Chromecast 4k. My AVR 750 is not HDR/HDCP2.2 compatible, so I am running my PS5 direct to my projector and using headphones.. Not ideal. I have tried to split the audio from the HDMi with an HDMi splitter but my amp is not picking up the digital signal. Also my amp appears to only output 4k @ 30hz. I use my amp for both movies, games and music. I am also a bit of a brand whore, and really like arcam bui
  8. This looks like a great solution. Thank you. In general, fiber cables should work at these distances correct? Thanks for this link. Not breaking the bank either which is good. Everything else I found was 4-900 bucks. Thank you so much for the link, i've been really struggling to find something @pcking
  9. Hi there. I posted also in the classified sections but I am having some difficulty with my new Playstation 5 and JVC n3 4k projector. I bought a relatively basic HDMI 2.0 cable @ 15m length, however the PS5 is only able to output 1080p @ 60hz and does not allow me to even select 4k/HDR. I would like to display 4k HDR @ 60hz over a 10-15m length cable as that is the limit of my projector. The projectors HDMI 1 port is HDCP 2.2. What should I be looking for in a cable? Should a good quality HDMI 2.0 cable be able to work fine through the HDCP 2.2 i
  10. @mods could you please move this to AV/Hifi accessories. Thank you.
  11. Hi there, I am looking for a 10-15m HDMI cable for 4k@60hz / HDR content from my PS5 to my JVC N3. Ideally it should support 2.2 HDCP. I bought a relatively cheap one and am not getting any signal at 15m length so need to get something more sturdy.
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