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  1. haha, I got my first walkman when I was 4-5 years old.. I remember using it for audio books....
  2. I'm not sure if mine really qualifies as well. My first set was in 1993 when I was in secondary school.. got a hand-me-down Cyrus integrated amp and Tannoy bookshelves. Source was only a PC.. with soundblaster pro or some other. 🙂 I could play CDs through the PC, but mostly listened to mod files.. I've always stuck to PC audio. This later became relegated to a TV speaker when I started playing with other speakers.
  3. Interest is in all, and actually there is also car audio.. what I listen to is mostly stereo since largely CD/youtube/games.
  4. Nice collection. I used to go to Japan to buy, even have those 20cm ones. Didn't realise they have that much choices here since Elecom stopped having their own store. Thanks for the directionality tip too.
  5. Just to add on.. this is my experience: 1. Ethernet cable matters, not just for router to streamer.. try replacing modem to router and it should also make a difference. Even if you are using a standalone device, it affects the sound - I don't understand why. 2. I haven't heard any audiophile LAN cables that I like.. so best to stick to normal brands. 3. I've been buying for years and have had a lot to test.. I feel there isn't any real consistent measure for what makes a good cable. Sometimes flat/rounded, more/less shielded, high/lower CAT can sound better. I currently use comb
  6. Long time never chat with both of you, hope you are both staying safe. Was chatting on this topic to some hifi friends as well, and agree that big ticket seems to be moving. Covid is certainly bringing a dampener to salaries/bonus in general, but some tech/e-comm sectors are up, and the bullish US stock market also helps offset for those who are invested. It's also a definite trend for people to be spending on home improvement (including electronics, home exercise equipment, etc) since travel is still uncertain.
  7. System looks good. :) See that you have created a 'black box' around the projector screen to make it neat as well. Can share what sort of materials were used and if you feel this also affects some of the sound transmission?
  8. hmmm.. there used to be something like nuforce icon.. no updated product in this category?
  9. I'm not too current with latest trends but will give my 2 cents: 1/2/3. Rather than having more smallish speakers, I feel having better quality creates a more enveloping field and would forego the ceiling speakers. Not sure if there is a pillar anywhere that maybe you can put a side dipole/bipole surround even if it is above ear level. At least it would sit more flush on the wall. 4. Can consider a bladeless fan incorporating a light to get more space.. something like this: https://exhalefans.com/#more 5. Unless you want something that conceals your gear, personally I'm thinking
  10. Technically you could just do it off a phone but not many phones have good quality selfie cameras, or an attachable mic. I disregarded this because it sounds like the friend is aiming for better quality and it's also a present. All the above suggestions are via USB so no lag.. and something with a screen so you can always look at your framing. FYI the top tier youtubers have super elaborate rigs with >$50k cameras.. here's an example:
  11. Now that you can use Sony cameras as webcam, something like ZV-1 might be a good choice. Also makes it portable and can use for vlog.
  12. I also considered letting go for space savings since I never look at the CDs themselves, but decided against it. I recently removed all my casing and just put it into big CD organizer booklets, just like what I did for my DVDs. Kind of illogical but it felt like I was going to throw away part of my life by getting rid of them for good. Anyway think I won't get too much money back. :)
  13. Agree with Boxer. If no upsampling requirements, both are fine. I find iTunes perfectly ok as a software. Only difference between the two is personally I find Mac mini sounds better and can also be modified easier if you want to use it for a dedicated music player later on. NUC also comes with an external power supply which I dislike, but that can be a pro or con.
  14. Home trial and home audition are different things.. and test drive car is more similar to showroom audition, even if they allow you to take it to track sometimes. How many car sales office will allow you to take the car home and use unsupervised for a week before returning it (i.e. home trial)? I only know of 2 friends who got such a deal in the past (1-2 weeks trial). Anyway, back to topic. Home audition is something hifi shops can do more of as it's limited time and supervised. Home trial comes with risk or wrong setup, and I've also seen products returned in bad shape or damaged.
  15. How about sharing what speakers are you using? Trying to understand why you need 4 monoblocks and of the power requirements.
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