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  1. Direct drive wheel. 1years + old. Letting go at S$1300 as a bundle. Will include accuforce pro angled mounting brackets and accuforce DIY quick release(still new in a box) . For PC racing games only . Interested, contact me at 96842986
  2. Lol, wait till I can knock down all my walls first to make it a big hall .
  3. Lol, bladeless ceiling fan .Yup, must find time to listen to your ATC setup .
  4. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/ascendo-s-seismic-subwoofer-modern-marvel?fbclid=IwAR3xJeXlzfoCf0_XbYJCFmcEZ3S34jQPSUm22VJxTEkhkMk7AlWZV-QTp54 Who will be the first to get it ;D
  5. Take note if you playing remux version , it is ok . Remux only 7.1 but got mid bass, highs and center speaker level normal (to me) .
  6. Hi Ken , nice to hear from you again . I am not sure but definately the UHD atmos track sounds not right to me. I read avsforum and some also encountered the same issues I am hearing from this soundtrack.
  7. I noticed the UHD atmos track is no good. Does not have mid bass and highs. Only heavy deep bass. The center also sounds softer to me.
  8. Maybe can try play at lower volumn and see if it shut down again. If nothing happen at lower volumn , likely you clipped the av amp only.
  9. The Invisible man bass and atmos effect is pretty good. Highly recommend.
  10. Thanks. I am using this for my hall setup . However the single seat is quite wide . It is meant for 1.5ppl for single seat version. Another issue is the back is too thick which will tend to push my listening position quite a bit to the front . I wanted to find a smaller single seat for my room setup .
  11. Been watching movies without headrest for many years . But take note if your seat is near backwall , you need to do some treatment on the backwall to make imaging balance . By the way , I am looking for a low back recliner chair to replace current seat . Any recommendation where can find one? Or a recliner seat that can take out headrest like vehicle seat ?
  12. Mint condition . Bought from Norman Audio. Letting go at S$1600 . interested kindly contact me at 96842986 .
  13. As per subject , installed with a low hour bulb and comes with one extra new bulb . Letting go at S$1200 . https://www.soundandvision.com/content/marantz-vp-15s1-dlp-video-projector https://www.projectorcentral.com/Marantz-VP-15S1.htm Interested kindly contact me at 96842986, thanks.
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