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  1. The zoom setting is at zidoo player. Remote control - menu, aspect ratio, zoom and 2.35:1, cropping
  2. I managed to set full screen with zoom, 2.35:1 cropping in my zidoo z9s.
  3. Now the story looks good and logical. With so much CGI it is very enjoying to watch and it is like watching a new movie
  4. Go to KEC and ask them if they have SVS amp. plate for your model. SVS uses BASH & SLEDGE amp. plates. SLEDGE is more expensive. Try to remove the amp. plate and bring it to KEC. They can recommend which amp. plate to buy. My old 20-39 PC plus went dead and I went to KEC to get a new BASH amp. plate ($400). You can pay a bit more to get his men to come over and install for you - extra $50. A word of caution, some of their amp. plate do not work. So it would be better to get their men down for installation.
  5. I have both thin and disc sleeves but whenever I wanted to watch a movie I would pick the disc in hard cover. This is my personal preference, I feel that disc sleeves are for storing cheap disc. I used to store vcd & dvd in disc sleeves
  6. Buy the very thin casing for existing disc and download softcopies movie in the future.
  7. Are you using ALR projector screen? How much does it cost?
  8. Recently I managed to buy some sound panels that is black in color. I stick it to the front wall and it does helps but not that significant. BTW some time back, I have upgraded my HDMI cable to fiber cable (Moshou) and the contrast and resolution improved. I can see the projected video image without any washout even when the kitchen light is on. Previously, when the kitchen lights is on, the image will be washed out.
  9. Also white colour. White makes the living room brighter but no good for watching movie. Have to wait for the curtain to arrive to enjoy.
  10. Thanks guys for the advise. I just ordered blackout dark grey. I hesitated because my currently wall and ceiling are all white color and when I watch a movie in the night time, the projected video images are still not that bad.
  11. I am looking at upgrading my curtain. Currently I am having a dark blue curtain bought from Ikea. I am looking at lighter color but not sure whether it will affect the ambient darkness when I watch a movie with my projector.
  12. My Sony X800 randomly freezes. The track location where it freezes is not the same everytime. I was wondering what could be the problems.
  13. From the user point of view, there should be an options call "Auto" and default should be set to "Auto". The media player should detect the TV and cable version and automatically set this settings. There should be a prompt highlighting this settings to user. Please feedback to the developer for enhancement.
  14. This is my personal experience with Z9S. I was having a lot of problems with this media player. Sometimes hang, reboot and flickers. Finally solved the problem by setting HDMI version from 1.4 (default) to 2.0. All my cables are V2.0. Yes, by default should V2.0 but I do not know why my set default as V1.4. Even update the latest firmware does not help. I believe your moshou is V2.0. Try to set it to V2.0 and share with us.
  15. Before CB I was at Adelphi. Looking for a demo but none of the shop do demo. The reason is they don't have a demo set to demo. The X8500 is out of stock and I believe it is still out of stock and so is other model.
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