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  1. This one must hoot item- better dont miss it- one of the best recording and well mastered by Nippon Columbia record- Japan No 1 recording company- reserved only for top Jap Singer. Stereo Sound is only doing the marketing. One of the master recording Lp that i had owned under the TT portfolio.
  2. Still available from HK. No need to buy from Flipper. https://aerecordshk.com/鄧麗君-Last-Concert-at-NHK-Hall-前編-LP?search=teresa teng&page=2
  3. U so slow- wait for review. Now check with local stores- i think they have- u must be buddy with them. Actually in Japan still have some copies. I have already received my copy.
  4. Ai ya no need to hear any review- just buy this one quite rare in Vinyl. especially this concert. Very solid track and sound quality- must hoot item
  5. Wow new TT ablum- last concert- must hoot item
  6. I am curious what is your speaker given the size of the room that can sound excellent. Book shelve speaker is best and can add sub if you are bass head and add bass absorber n etc.
  7. For those who want the power to drive any speaker. latest power amp single or mono bloc- good enough for small size living room or rooms pending how loud you want to play. The louder u play the more power it take and make sure dont overdrive the amp. This is like driving a 1.6L car to max speed. make sure get the right spec for your style and listening pleasure. I get Evo- the need for speed and power. Zooom Zooom
  8. Nice table and arm- look tempting hehehehe -special promo may consider
  9. Wow - you are the 1000 Limited collectors of both TT vinyl worldwide. Keep it for personal listening and enjoyment-priceless.
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