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  1. I suppose all boils down to system synergy; tbh I expected the chord qutest to sound analytical and "bright" from reading various sources but was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case (but then again, my gear leans on "warmer" sounding; guess easier to illustrate graphically). my "battlestation" below:-
  2. wow nice setup - what amp are you using to drive those b&ws? Can't comment on the primaluna tube DAC; but i also have a chord qutest DAC
  3. Great to see so many other fellow desktop nearfield bros! Anyone delved into room correction? i am trying to figure out how to incorporate it in the most brain-dead manner. Read about the paradigm PW amp and PW link but it seems they can't be used as a "turn-key" digital solution (i.e. connect from PC toslink to PW link, then toslink to external DAC, to preamp etc). Read up a bit on REW/DIRAC software as well, but needless to say, it gave me a major migraine. Ideally, would like a software based (jriver plugin?) solution so I can continue to use my gear (i.e. DAC, amp, speakers)
  4. looking to swap out the stock kt88 tubes on my cayin a88t mkii amp to KT120s - PM me if available
  5. Joining the fray - will msg whatsapp group thanks!
  6. this! makes all the difference in proper positioning - also try sand-filling these tiny stands with cat-litter
  7. Looking for a Chord Qutest DAC with or without the MCRU linear power or PS audio directstream DAC with or without the network bridge - drop me a PM if looking to part with yours
  8. Looking for a set - preference for rosewood/black; but open to any to be honest. Msg me if you are looking to part with it
  9. long term lurker - wanted to reply to a thread when i realised it was locked.
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