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  1. Can also consider getting a portable digital audio player that can act as both source or usb DAC (i.e. many DAPs have DAC mode). Bonus is that its portable can bring the DAP and headphones along with you on holiday.... (this year only staycation....)
  2. My current Proac bookshelves are 7+yrs old . pondering an upgrade... I have going to have to clear leave soon, can't leave Singapore, so maybe speaker auditioning gives me something to do ? As i've been out of the hifi scene for a long time, your advice would be greatly appreciated. What bookshelf I should audition for $5k-$10k? Must be good with female vocals. The Proac sound is nice but I also like the sound of Focal speakers (car audio, headphones). B+W 805 D3, Focal Kanta 1, Proac D2R?
  3. Hi Bean, I also connect my Fiio to my car audio using 3.5mm cable. (also using Focal speakers and processor) Since I am plugging and unplugging the Fiio constantly, my own reasoning is that it best to use different connectors to reduce 'wear and tear'
  4. https://www.lazada.sg//products/i438166322-s1154138767.html?spm=a2o42.cart.0.0.4fdc7a93w224FW&urlFlag=true I was in the same boat with my Elear and M11 Pro. So I bought a replacement 4.4mm -> Elear from this seller.
  5. all along I was on cassette as it was so much cheaper than vinyl. Then I remember my father bought the first philips CD player.. it was 14 bits!
  6. Sorry, I not that familiar enough to know about Directshow/Window mixer.... still learning after getting back into the hobby, a lot of things I need to learn ? (1) I only recently installed the Foobar HDCD plugin.. and discovered that I have some ripped CDs that were not advertised as HDCD but were HDCD encoded. (Foobar says the first Stefanie Sun album is HDCD encoded...) (2) When I played netflix I got no sound from the Parasound, lucky got google to tell me to go to the device manager settings to turn off dolby digital.
  7. father handed down to me Mission bookshelf Speakers, Denon integrated amp, with panasonic cassette player. Also a digital tuner, can't remember the brand, to listen to dub tapes from friends, radio listen to BBC music chart show, and match of the day. ?
  8. Got the Parasound. Family members are happy because easy to use and familiar button/dial layout like my previous Marantz. Bass management is easy to use and happy that there's a dedicated subwoofer level dial on the front panel so that I can easily increase bass volume if needed (eg: movies vs music) Initial impressions are positive. Most noticeable is the improved back/front soundstaging. But it definitely benefits from warm-up before proper listen. As I'm using my PC to send data via USB to the DAC, I reset my APO Equalizer curves except for the confirmed 44Hz room mode
  9. thanks! I have been away from the hobby for long time, the only connection I know is usb 2.0. will read up to learn more ?
  10. thanks forgot to check, yes it has all the features that I'm looking for (usb audio, subwoofer outputs + high pass/low pass filters). will visit message xaudio to see stock/current price.
  11. I did a bit more reading and discovered that just because an amp has a usb port behind doesn't necessarily mean that i can supports usb 2.0 audio from a HTPC. For example, the usb port may be for other purposes. So the list has drastically narrowed to Hegel and CA Edge. So my findings for the sharing are below. I want usb audio because I like using PC to navigate my playlists (+ REW + ApoEqualizer to room correction), and also use the PC to stream neflix to the amp via usb audio. ____________ no USB type B- cannot connect to PC / usb-audio 2.0 (if I'm incorrect, pls correct
  12. Its so convenient now with REW / Apo Equalizer to do your own EQ using PC. virtually every listening room that has 1 bass room mode that needs EQ. you test for this by playing a sine sweep at low volume and listen (or use SPL meter)- the room mode will be in the order of +10db or more vs adjacent frequencies. room measurement software also helps me to set the phase of the Sub correctly.
  13. _________ Hi, just wondering Is Nad M33 available in Singapore - this website suggests its not avail: https://www.lenbrook.com.sg/collections/master-series/products/nad-m33-bluoos-streaming-dac-amplifier ______ Totally subjective, possibly incorrect rankings: Nad M33 - distributor's website says 'pre-order' - i like the 10kg weight and size, bells and whistles like room correction, but may too many bells and whistles that i might not use because I'm too used to controlling stuff from HTPC. Hegel H390 -20kg is as far as I am willing to risk. Do I need to r
  14. Hi Hi, yes i remember... were you the person who did the DIY Proac speakers also? I still have ecophon panels in my room, but I bought some acoustic foam from Lazada China vendor to supplement. Getting old already... decided to enjoy music now, before my hearing deteoriates.... ? Thanks for all the recommendations and the views about whether DAC should be inside the amp, long time ago, I was also very 'purist', would have gone for separates... but now convenience is very appealing as well... all depends on price-performance ratio and because listening room also used as tv room for
  15. I went to the 'other side' with Headphones and DAP (Focus Elear and Fiio M11 Pro) because no time to play hifi, but recently i decided to restart my audio journey. My TV room is acoustically treated with various foam squares and corner pieces. Equipment is currently a Nano PC running Room EQ wizard/ APO Equalizer -> USB -> Marantz PM7005 -> Proac Response 1 / SVS SB-1000. cable wise, i reused my old Harmonic Tech speaker cables. I've been testing using my Fiio M11 Pro as a DAC instead of the Marantz DAC, but I also need convenience because the TV room is used by the family
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