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  1. My sonos play one arrived...nice looking chick ha Really easy to setup.. http://patnotebook.com/sonos-play-one-singapore/
  2. I had two "crashes" and both times I "recovered" by cleaning (PHYSICALLY) the hard disks and the Synology. Cause damn dirty.. http://patnotebook.com/synology-ds1511-hard-disk-crash-not/
  3. Six ? :) I buy from JIaying. I know they have four.. not sure about six :) http://www.jiaying.com/_lcd_plasma_brackets.htm
  4. Just go this.. http://www.chinesealbumart.com/tsai-chin-etched-time-8-cd-collection/
  5. I use this but I cannot get Synology to recognize it.. I guess it is not exactly high end and only those with USB cables type (where u connect a USB between the UPS and the Synology) will be recognized.. Anyway.. cheap and good enough for me to have enough time to shut down the Synology.. if the power cut happens when I am out.. then sigh.. :) http://patnotebook.com/apc-backup-battery-ups/
  6. Great write up ! i (used to, till 2-3 weeks ago) have a ALR Jordan Entry Si and loved it.. simply wonderful for simple music listening like mine :)
  7. actually did crossed my mind to send u a PM first to ask if you are keen. but then it is UPA-2 leh. not XPA :)
  8. All items sold to very nice people ! :)
  9. Sold to a very nice bro ! ENJOY THE AMP (me got emotional distress now.. seeing emotiva leaving my place :()
  10. Just to share that i had a "degraded volume" twice in the past year... once in Xmas last year and once two months ago... Each time my solution was to clean the NAS by removing the hard disks... it can be damn dirty with all the hair and dirt balls.. After that, I fitted it and run the REPAIR and it worked. The hard disks are actually working.. http://www.patnotebook.com/2011/12/synology-ds1511-hard-disk-crash-not.html
  11. There are no recession in Singapore, as evidenced by this thread :) :) :)
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