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  1. Tks for the info. Will check them out.
  2. Planning to purchase 60m of the above for wiring up my new living room HT. Any bro has recommendation the most cost efficient way of getting it?
  3. I'm doing up my new place living room in a few months' time, so borrow along this thread. For those installing ceiling speakers onto L-box, will the L-box vibrate during loud scenes? If yes, which type of recommended rockwool to damp the vibration? My new ceiling speakers are with 8" woofer and 5.5" height, thus will need a 12" L-box to cut the 10" hole. Intend to drop the L-box 8" from the ceiling, just nice to stuff 2x4" rockwool. Searching previous threads this "NoiseBlock DFB" was recommended: https://www.noisestopsystems.sg/products_infill_dfm_soundproofing
  4. I will recommend getting a new AVR and sub, but getting used speakers. New AVR for the latest technologies, new sub as good sub not many available on the used market.
  5. $2000+ for 5 speakers will not get u very demanding speakers. Just make sure other shops also use a receiver of similar rage (price around $1.5k) during the demo will do. The SVS sub is from KEC. While u are there to audition the sub, request them to set up a 5.1 system within your budget so that u have a baseline benchmark before going to other shops to audition other speaker setup.
  6. For thread starter, I will suggest this approach. Get the denon 3700 + SVS SB2000 combi at $2650. Then with balance budget of $2200 (leave about $150 for speaker cable), look for 5 speakers that u like. https://s.lazada.sg/s.Ze4Wt
  7. Borrowing this thread, what would be a good speaker cable that can be bought in large length locally for surround sound wiring? Current house using belden, but would like to try others. Any canare model recommendation?
  8. I believe SVS doesn’t take mass order anymore since appointing KEC as their dealer. We did the mass order before SVS became popular, started by JAG (IIRC).
  9. 6+ yrs not bad quality already. I also have an e112. Hope it lasts longer than 6.
  10. Of course u can look for SD for repair, but with cost since out of warranty.
  11. Tks Peng. if single sub but with large full range front L/R speakers, will Dirac with bass control still help for better x-over frequency transition/integration? Or 100% only for multi subs?
  12. Both. Small as in “not large” in AVR settings, thus all low frequency will be directed to the single sub only.
  13. Tks for the view. No doubt it will also benefit single sub+small speakers setup, but the benefit will be less? Am I correct to put the benefit in decreasing order as follows: 1. Multi sub 2. single sub + full range speakers 3. single sub + small speakers
  14. Hi. May I ask if system only consists of a single sub and all speakers are “small”, the need for the Dirac base control module will be less?
  15. Bros who have bought local set 3700, may I check does it still have FM radio? Denon site seems to indicate no more FM, but some online pics of the back panel still has the FM antenna. Or there really are AVC (without) and AVR (with) versions of 3700.
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