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  1. Where u get the R drivers? Or u bought the bookshelves and transfer the drivers?
  2. LG service not bad huh! Auto prompt user got free replacement.
  3. Isn’t PMA Denon’s stereo int amp series? Of course no display lah!
  4. I will adjust the sub volume (and low pass filter) to blend in with the main speakers for stereo listening. Stereo nothing to set, the speaker will show what it can show, the sub will show what the speaker can't. For LFE, adjust the AVR LFE channel level without touching the sub volume. AVR settings still set speaker as small.
  5. His sub have stereo RCA in and LFE RCA in. Thus can connect: AVR sub out -> LFE RCA IN Source stereo out -> stereo RCA in Then adjust the low pass filter on the sub to blend with the main speakers. The low pass filter will not affect the AVR sub out since that is only LFE.
  6. How about using separate low and high level input of the sub? AVR sub out -> sub rca-in Stereo pre amp -> power amp speaker out -> sub speaker-in
  7. What's the price of a NAD T778?
  8. But lazada only releases payment to seller after buyer confirms received one leh ...
  9. 1) Man City 2) Liverpool 3) Chelsea 4) Man U
  10. Tks Pete ... unfortuantely the amazon one is in UK faceplate.
  11. Any bro has any idea where to get this? In US faceplate.
  12. x1100 need to manually enable/disable Dolby Vision. The player will output as Dolby Vision once enabled, even if the disc does not contain Dolby Vision.
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