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  1. Good to see the Sony SCD-1 holding its value.I have one myself with VSE Level 7 + Uber Clock upgrades.. Being the very first SACD player it is also a piece of art...GLWTS.. Stump
  2. Anyone here make the Guangzhou AV Fair 2020 ?👍
  3. It seems HIFI Shows are still going ahead in China.Just got word the Guangzhou AV Fair 2020 is still going ahead in December. I cant make it but any members going or live in Guangzhou look forward to some reviews and pictures.....
  4. Item: WTB Esoteric Grandioso K1 Price Range: $ 10K Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Im looking at upgrading CD player. Have seen used prices between 10-15K
  5. Item: WTB Graham Engineering Phantom II Titanium Arm Wand [XL-10] Price Range: $350+ Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Interested in trying a second cart...
  6. Did you do a write up of your experience with these? Looks interesting.. Cheers
  7. I only upgrade when software is obsolete. Iphone SE is still going strong..
  8. I have been looking at a similar priced Esoteric K1 . I understand the Esoteric K-01Xs has a lot of trickle down technology from the Esoteric K1 Grandioso. Would be nice to compare!! Cheers Stump
  9. Great Photo ,I did not see the room with the SCD-1 myself ??? I was there 3 full days then after the Show was told there was more HIend in the Hotel next door.I own a Sony SCD-1 with VES Level 7 mods.....Will be part of my retro system. P.S Have the date been set for 2017??
  10. Hello Any members going to this years Guangzhou AV Fair? Im all booked and want to hear the latest Line Magnetic Amps and Horns.My first trip to China so any tips on which area in Guangzhou will I find Tube Amp and Horn speaker shops.Its a big city and looking at hire a guide to translate and show me around. Cheers Stump Guangzhou AV Fair 2016 November 18 – November 20 at 10 AM to 6 PM in UTC+08 pin Dong Fang Hotel No.120 liuhua Road, 510016 Canton, Guangdong, China
  11. Wait till you try the Line Magnetic LM129 Line preamp 8)
  12. With winter around the corner My LM 219IA with LM 129 Pre-Amp has taken centre stage.Will do a Mono Block upgrade before the end of the year.So many options with LM.Would like some input if anyone has any of these 4 in there setup.? Line Magnetic 503-PA Mono amp Line Magnetic LM-513PA Line Magnetic G-212 power amplifier WE41.2-212 Vacuum Tube Monoblock
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