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  1. Yes I have done the Google certification already and can download stuff normally from the Playstore. Just can’t download the custom YouTube and Netflix app shown on the main page. As for Disney+, been using it since day 1 since I’m on ViewQwest and using their transparent DNS solution for my whole network.
  2. Just collected my Z9X from Ralf on Friday and been encountering problems downloading the Youtube and Netflix app from the shortcut links on the main page. The download does not seem to be starting at all despite trying it multiple times. Are these links pointing to some private server and has since been stopped? Unfortunately can't find Netflix and Disney+ in the Playstore app at all.
  3. 1) sanhas - 1 unit 2) desray - 1 unit 3) royeo - 1 unit 4) Pismo Mac - 1 unit 5) chainsdb - 1 unit 6) WIM - 2 units 7) 5th Ave - 2 unit Comfortablynumb - 2 units 9) nur_hsc - 1 unit 10) dragonforce - 1 unit 11) Rock123 - 4 units thank you. 12) Al - 2 unit 13) Keai - 1 unit 14) Sunblock - 1 unit 15) avren - 1 unit 16) Fei - 1 unit 17) Wism_chan - 1 unit 18) cvwong - 1 unit 19) civic - 1 unit 20) Siaoboy - 1 unit 21) PL - 1 unit 22) ALTK - 1 unit 23) jon - 1 unit Reserved list 24) vink - 1 unit 25) boxerfan88 - 1 unit 26) e24djenggos - 1 u
  4. Actually at this price, it's fine to order it from Malaysia as the savings is enough to pay for a 2nd unit if it really breaks down within 3 years. Wonder if they willing to ship across the causeway after MCO is lifted.
  5. Very sad.. Singapore electronics pricing in the 90's was heavenly within the region. Australia was one of the worse then with high import taxes. How the world has changed.
  6. HN Millenia offering the 77 inch A9G OLED for $13.5k if there is anyone interested. Price may be good for today only as they having a 7% GST waiver promotion.
  7. Been on Disney+ since day 1. Initially had Mandalorian to sustain interest but following the end of the season run, there's been not much interesting content unless you want to feel nostalgic and watch oldie animations. Planning to suspend my account until Mandalorian resumes or the Marvel serials start showing.
  8. At least you can feel better knowing that drugs in general cost an arm and a leg in the US. A vial of insulin costs greater than 10 times what you will ever pay in Singapore.
  9. Anyone has $27k to throw for the latest Z series 85 inch 8K TV ;D https://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/televisions/z8h-series Buy now and Sony will take pity on us and charge us $3k less. In comparison, this same TV is being sold in the US for US$9k only. https://www.valueelectronics.com/2020_85Z8H_75Z8H_8K_TV.html
  10. Been using my 65 inch E6 for more than 3 yrs liao.. so far no image retention issue even though my kid uses it frequently for Nintendo Switch gaming.
  11. Thanks Desray for the initiative. Let me help start the ball rolling by compiling the list. Should the covid19 cleared and subject to Desray's availability, we can then proceed :) 01. Boxerfan88 02. petetherock 03. kingajit 04. MattJenin 05. HDTV_noobie 06. InnocentBlood 07. ronildoq 08. chaozhoi 09. sanhas 10. whitesox 11. kith 12. tifosi 13. sevenz ? 14. wizardofoz 15.Tbln 16. jeffong
  12. I'm hearing the DI grinding on my 5700 as well and am training my ears to filter them out ;D. Mine is mounted on a shelf just behind my sitting position.
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