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  1. Retail @ USD 499. GB Price @ SGD 599 ! (GB Deal will end on 6th Dec 2020) Ordering: 1) Pre-order (For Singapore only) : Indicate your name 2) Bank Transfer deposit $99 (non-refundable if back out) or full sum to my POSB Saving 130024602 or Paylah to 97223884. Drop me an whatapps or email at littlemart2013@gmail.com after transferred 3) Estimate Arrive in mid Dec or earlier. 4) Local courier at $4.5 (next working day delivery after pickup) or $12 Same Day Delivery 5) IF self collect contact-less pickup at AMK (time to arrange)
  2. GB Deal - Ended Ordering: 1) Pre-order: Indicate your name 2) Bank Transfer deposit $275 or full sum to my POSB Saving 130024602 or Paylah to 97223884. Drop me an whatapps or email at littlemart2013@gmail.com after transferred 3) Goods est delivery 1 weeks plus upon place order (depending when SMSL ship out the goods.) 4) Local courier at $4.5 (next working day delivery after pickup) or $12 Same Day Delivery 5) IF self collect will be contact-less pickup, Full payment has to be made before come over. Contact-less pickup at AMK (time to arrange)
  3. Other model tubes might not list here. Do check with me. 6SJ7, 5693, 717A, 713A, 6SH7, 6SD7, 6J8P, 6米8 Currently use in my Musical Paradise MP-301 Shuguang 6J8P - $20/pair Soviet (OTK) 6米8(NOS) – $40/pair - a good replacement for the 6J8P tube Various 6SJ7_VT-166 (NOS) – $85/pair - Military grade tubes made in USA/Canada. It said to also thick good clarity and warm sound as well as good in dynamic. Typical American sound. Raytheon JAN CRP 6SJ7GT VT-116A (NOS. Metal Base Vacuum Tubes) – $110/pair - Early 40s tubes , square ring , charm sounding and good analytical ability .U
  4. Rectifier Tubes 5AR4/274B/5T4/5Y3/GZ34/5Z3P/5Z2P National 5AR4 (NOS) - Made in USSR – $55/pcs Mullard GZ34 - $70/pcs GENALEX - GZ34 / U77 - $75/pcs Mullard f32 GZ34/5AR4 NOS tubes (made in UK) - $175/pcs ---------------------------------------------------- 5R4 Chatham 5R4GB NOS (by_tungsol) - $50/pcs NOS Chatham (Tung Sol made etc) 5R4WGB in 1960's - These military spec rectifiers and they are built to last GE 5R4GA (NOS) – $55/pcs - Brown base with long grey plate. There is a ring at the top side of the plate JAN CRC RCA 5R4GY (NOS) – $90/PCS FERRANTI 5R4GY (NOS
  5. Other model tubes might not list here. Do check with me. Power Tubes 6P1 Soviet 6n1n-EB(NOS) – $30/pair This is a long life tube with generous mellow sweet sounding. Currently use in many Chinese amplifier including the Nobsound MD-10 Tube amplifier Assorted Chinese 6P1 – $10/pair ------------------------------------ 6N6 (aka 6H6N) Soviet 6N6P NOS Tube - $30/pair Gold grid! Made by Novosibirsk factory. Same date codes. Made in USSR.Can use in Little Dot Amp Mk III 6N6 ------------------------------------ 6V6 Tung-Sol 6V6GT – $80/pair EH 6V6GT
  6. DAC Topping D90 4499 MQA DAC Topping D90 MQA comes with a similar shape with DX7 pro and standard D90 in silver and black color options. It is a multiple-input desktop DAC, it has USB, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, AES and IIS input. D90 MQA has a volume control function so it could serve as a DAC or a DAC + Pre-amplifier. The D90 MQA benefits from the same refinements as its big brother while updating its DAC with a newer and more efficient version, the AK4499 AKM. For the rest, it largely follows the excellent internal design of the previous model and its exceptional performance.
  7. Topping Amplifiers A90 High End Balance Headphone Amplifier The TOPPING A90 Headphone Amp is the companion for the highly reviewed TOPPING D90 DAC. It is already receiving rave reviews on Audio Science Review. The A90 is an ultra high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp. It comes with three gain settings and has great performance numbers including <0.00006% THD+N, 145dB DNR, <0.2uVrms Noise, <0.1 ohm output impedance, and 7200mW x 2 max output power. The A90 comes equipped with NFCA modules (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier), which along wi
  8. SMSL Amplifier SMSL VMV VA2 Headphone Amplifier VA2 mini is high quality portable headphone amplifier.It is the design for hi-fi application through state-of -the -art circuit. If you have both low and high impedance headphones and are looking for an amp that handles both, the SMSL VMV VA2 might be just the ticket. With two different power outputs that cover the range of 32 to 600 ohms, the VMV VA2 delivers solid performance in a compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor. High-impedance Power: >120 mW at 600ohm >250 mW at 300ohm >580 mW at 100ohm >330mW
  9. Power Filter Direct stock from Manufacturers. No DOA risk. LongYu LongYu LY-206-2 Specifically design for small size audio/video equipment (with price range from SGD4,000 – SGD 13,000). Configuration: 18K gold four isolation universal socket electromagnetic output, plug 5000 to ensure good contact. Power Frequency: 400 multiplier. (Ie 50HZ * 400 = 20KHZ frequency multiplier width). Selling at $325 ——————————————————————————————————————————————– LongYu LY-202-8 (new Arrival) Specifically design for small and medium size audio/video equipment (with price r
  10. [glow=red,2,300]Creates a magic audio system for you. A good alternative to Sonos Connect Products as well as Chromcast Audio.[/glow] Access to music resources Music streaming With the iEAST Play application, you can stream music from 1) Cellphone memory; 2) USB flash driver and USB mobile HDD; 3) Home NAS network; 4) External analog audio Source input to SoundStream/StreamAmp and re-transmitted to other room by multi-room control; 5) Popular online music services of millions of songs and thousands of radio stations, such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Pandora, vTuner, Napster
  11. Gustard Gustard A18 AK4499 DAC [TBA] --------------------------------------------- GUSTARD DAC-X26 Dual ES9038PRO The X26 features a high-performance digital filter and GPLL-M1 high-precision phase-locked loop module self-developed by Gustard. We developed our own high-performance digital filter solution on the Analog Device SHARC digital audio DSP platform. The solution is equipped with a high-performance anti-aliasing noise algorithm developed by Gustard, which uses high-precision floating-point 64-bit arithmetic in some key digital signal processing. This algorithm has
  12. Tisbury Audio Domino Phono Preamp The Domino is a versatile, high performance phono preamplifier. Selectable gain settings and input loading allow any MM or MC cartridge to be used. Ultra high-spec components along with our laser engraved walnut and aluminium enclosure achieve high-end sound and build quality but without the price tag. Any Cartridge, Any Amp Domino has four switchable gain settings: 40, 49, 58 and 67 dB. This allows virtually all cartridge, from high output MM to low output MC, to work with any amp. Particularly handy if you’re also using our Mini Pas
  13. Topping D90 MQA GB Deal Ended FYI Online Oversea Retail @USD799. Ordering: 1) Pre-order: Indicate your name and the color (Black / Silver) 2) Bank Transfer deposit $150 or full sum to my POSB Saving 130024602 or Paylah to 97223884. Drop me an whatapps or email at littlemart2013@gmail.com after transferred 3) Goods arrival est early-mid May. 4) In the event CB extended or collection day fall within the CB period, upon goods arrival will contact Bros to arrange your own courier to pickup the DAC. Strictly no meetup or self collection. 5) Alternative, i can arrange for standar
  14. Real Wood Note: The stand are carved directly from the real wood and the nature of the wood may not be perfectly line as well as the colour tone will be different from the picture and from stand to stand. Some patch works may have been perform by the supplier. The stand not for fussy or perfectionist buyers. Honestly I see the natural flaw of the wood a much more like a real wood with ‘artistic’ feel. You may not want to have something is too perfect either. Royal Glam – Handmade Solid Wood Stand Tired of seeing too many Omega type of wood stand selling in market and with
  15. Premium Amplifier Speaker Switch 1 / 2 Two-channel amplifier speaker switch to allow conveniently switch between speakers or amplifiers.The switch is a passive device and will not add coloring to the sounding. Highlight: a) Aluminum brushed outer casing b) Toggle switch between 2 devices c) Built using high quality high-current silver alloy 10A contact switch which has ultra-low resistance (comparable to the silver contact relay of the OMRON 30A) d) The contact switch was soldered using 4N OFC Single Crystal Silver Plated Imported Taiwan Cable e) High Quality Gold plated
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