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  1. Hmm i got kicked twice and am now banned from entering the league?
  2. you must not have watched Liverpool this season. your favorite player to slag just scored another. side pass... into the goal ;)
  3. Waiting for the release of the floorstanders! Would also love to have a listen to the S400. Have read nothing but positive reviews for them online.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/feb/20/jordan-henderson-liverpool-bayern-munich-champions-league
  5. just like how you wouldn't expect a goalkeeper to score goals, you should be quoting stats relevant to his position. Perhaps this is the style of play instructed by Klopp. who knows
  6. did you watch the game against bayern? Henderson was BOSS.
  7. I think the drastic improvement from burning in is especially applicable to all their digital cables (USB, SPDIF, Ethernet cable - as I'm experiencing right now). Nice roller coaster ride!
  8. Just got myself a streamer last month, so that left a void in my now incomplete TWL cable loom. Fixed it by getting the TWL "Freedom" Ethernet Cable
  9. You could try exploring streamers from Allo - DigiOne Player & USBridge. They have usb wifi dongle compatibility. If your CD DI doesn't have USB inputs then that rules out the USBridge unless you use the USBridge and a USB-SPDIF converter.
  10. Wow! A Volti Rival owner in Singapore. Nice! You're right that TWL often partners Volti at various audio shows in America. In fact, the TWL cable loom that is used in the Volti system is Greg Roberts' personal cable loom. Do you also have the TWL Speaker cables?
  11. English teams can't face each other in round of 16. So Man Utd vs Chelsea is out.
  12. Whoa! Congrats! What power cable is that on the right? Looks like it has the older plugs instead of the Furutech plugs found on the American Plus Series. Looking forward to your impressions!
  13. Apparently so! I traded in my TWL 7+ for this upgrade.
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