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  1. That explains it! Most likely you used the default location. I guess your username is "china", therefore it stored in the default music store for this user -> C:\users\china\Music\ I am not familiar with dbpoweramp, maybe someone here can guide you to move it to your data D:\ drive.
  2. Now, I want to share a bad experience with portable SSD drive. I used a Samsung SSD for “archive”, and it was “offline” for about 9 months. When I reconnected the SSD drive, it was totally corrupted, all my data was lost. From that bad experience, I never trust SSD for archiving/backup, I only use HDD. I don’t know what caused the total data loss. Does SSD need to powered up occasionally to maintain memory charge? Until today, I don’t know what went wrong. And guess what, that corrupted SSD was reformatted, reused as a boot drive in a frequently used PC, and it is worki
  3. Yes you can. The SSD/USB functions like a portable hard disk. Can plug to another PC and use.
  4. Yes, it means you have 2 storage. The C:\ drive should be the SSD storage. The D:\ drive is probably the 2TB HDD. I suggest you create a folder called D:\MUSIC\. Keep each CD as a sub-folder inside of D:\MUSIC\. Use dbpoweramp to rip the CD, save it to D:\MUSIC\<???ALBUM_NAME???>\. Remember - each ALBUM_NAME is different, just follow the CD title. Start with a 2-3 CDs just to learn the procedures, ask here if you get stuck. Once you get used to it, it's just repeating the rip for all 500 CDs. After you have finished ripping, and you want
  5. Thumbdrive connection to PC sometimes can be unstable. I do not recommend ripping directly to thumbdrive. It is better to rip to your HDD, and then copy over to your thumbdrive. Always make a backup copy of your ripped music, because ripping is very very very time consuming. You will understand once you begin this journey. 🙂 *** Please note, thumbdrive is not 100% reliable. I have ever lost all data in a failed thumbdrive before! *** 256Gb is probably enough. 650Mb/CD * 60% * 500 CD is about 200Gb. (assuming 40% FLAC compression)
  6. Yes, that's the one. He has recently produced quite a few nice video tutorials that I found quite insightful.
  7. There is a very crude way to test your speakers. Using a 1.5V battery (eg. AAA battery), connect one speaker wire to the battery negative terminal (battery bottom), then using the other speaker wire, tap on/off the battery positive terminal (battery top). As a precaution, don’t connect the speaker wire across the battery for too long (say, no more than 15secs at a time). If your speakers are working, you should hear some clicking or scratching sound as your wire tap on/off. Seldom speakers totally (as in all drivers) spoil. Might be time to get
  8. If you’ve time, search youtube for amir (asr) latest tutorial on frequency response. quite insightful tutorial. very narrowband dips (nulls) may not be that audible to our ears due to the way our ears work (bucketing of frequency ranges & averaging by the ear) bottom line, trust your own ears, as pointed out by other bros, and also mentioned by amir in his tutorial. it is my personal opinion that there is no need to go chasing for ruler flat frequency response.
  9. A friend of mine also bought that same projector, that’s when I went to look up the specs. I haven’t got the chance to see for myself yet. At the moment, I think it is the only home cinema projector that can cover the entire BT2020 color gamut, great brightness level for HDR. I suspect the superb performance is due to the 3 lasers. Personally from the specs, it’s probably the best home projector out there. I doubt if there is any consumer TV that can cover BT2020 color gamut either.
  10. For bookshelves, typically the low end extension is limited. I used to like bookshelves for the smaller size and weight. I was influenced to switch to floorstanders when I was given a fresh perspective - consider the footprint it sits on - they are about the same - therefore just go with floorstanders. No need to bother about speaker stands, plus get the benefit of bass extension. One tip with floorstanders - try to get those that are sealed, or with bass reflex port firing to the front. ?
  11. Nice! Thats the S$13k short throw projector right? I believe it’s the first projector that can achieve 100% BT2020! Have you tested with BT2020 content? How’s the BT2020 color reproduction to the eyes? Super realistic?
  12. Great for consumers! Fantastic to see how these players will destroy the price gorging of SG consumers by the major brands. A simple price comparison of a particular model - SG price with prices in Malaysia, HK, China, India, US can really shock people.
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