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  1. Nice!! Looking forward to Android11/Google TV update in Q3... https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1610708526
  2. I think you should follow the advice above: to cut the power amp gain using the built-in volume knob. Surely better than adding another item into the signal path.
  3. Rip them into digital copies. Keep your favourite discs in room, pack the rest into store room or external storage hub. Bottom line, still need to rip... 😉
  4. NFLX blocked Zidoo boxes, cannot stream movies into Zidoo boxes anymore. Looks like it’s permanent. Refer to mirror’s confirmation post... http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?threads/z9x-netflix-was-working-now-error-1044.85001/page-3
  5. After running firmware 90G for several days, for my daily use, I personally find it pretty good and stable. It has reached a stable state whereby I can use it daily without getting irritated by bugs. Recommended 👍 I have also switched HDR processing from Auto to “VS10 engine for all clips”. So far so good, no elevated blacks when playing video. Nice! Do note there are quite a lot of reports of stutters while playing via SMB. I’ve done some testing and reported my findings at the Zidoo forum... I don’t think it is related to SMB specifically, but suspect its due to some intern
  6. Was on 85G for a couple of days, it was pretty stable. Moved to 90G this morning, so far so good for 1080p... (I am not using it for 4K/DV at the moment).
  7. I’ve moved on to the other side. Besides warranty, do consider how forthcoming are the firmware updates.
  8. Yes. Via Shoppee during 11.11 sale. My unit was sold by AD, not those PI ones, therefore paid a little bit more (but still cheaper than Giant). They are also sold by Giant, can check Giant website for promo. Can also go to their hyper market, they have them on display.
  9. I am really thankful I got the opportunity to switch from P+ to TCL. The TCL software support is much stronger with regular firmware updates. That’s the advantage of going with global no.2 tv manufacturer. There is an active TCL thread at whirlpool au forum.
  10. Just updated my C716 to firmware v609. The blacks & colors are much much better. I feel that the picture is less “hazy”. One more observation- off angle viewing (over 30 degrees), the haze (light leakage) is very much reduced. I think they did something to the lcd panel control to reduce light leakage. Highly recommend this firmware. Link to v609 firmware zip (AU server) Hint: after firmware is loaded by the TV and rebooted, the android balls will run for a very long time (several minutes). Don’t power cycle TV, let it be, it is not hung. Once the update
  11. Correct. Do not update to 80G. New audio loss bug that is extremely bad. Almost all my mv clips are affected. I have uploaded the clip to the Zidoo forum and one of the beta tester confirmed the bug. I plan to downgrade back to 66G; which requires me to factory reset and reconfigure the entire box. Sian half. Update: downgraded successfully to 66G. Troublesome indeed, need to flash 22G recovery image, then update to 66G, then reconfigure everything. Retried the mv clips, thankfully no more audio loss.
  12. Note to self, in future when the Zidoo box is reasonably stable with the workarounds, don’t itchy backside go update to latest firmware and kena unnecessary new bugs. This time the bug is exceptionally bad because it causes audio loss. Grr...
  13. Lai, firmware v6.0.80 chut liao. 6.0.80G firmware
  14. Yeah, I don't expect OLED to reach LCD/LED/QLED pricing because of the complexity to manufacture OLED and it's associated lower yield. It would be nice to have very good quality 75" OLED go below S$3K. Yup, I know I am dreaming...
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