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  1. I have a Epson L800 which comes with a CD carrier. However the CD surface needs to have that coating that can be printed on. I suspect this printer is out of your budget...
  2. Not really sure, most likely the Mk2 (the black one).
  3. Over thirty years ago, after graduating and started work, rewarded myself with my first HiFi set, consisting of Nakamichi cassette tape deck, Philips CDP, Onkyo tuner, Audiolab 8000A integrated, Rogers LS6a speakers, some expensive speaker cable from Atlas. I must say the above config gave me decades of enjoyment. A decade later, a Harman Kardon AVR was added to the mix. Enjoyed that until I refreshed everything in 2010. Guess what, the 8000A and LS6a is doing living room duties today with a Pi3+DAC HAT as the source. 30years of service without fail, just amazing how reliable old tec
  4. Sama sama. 44Hz boom due to 4m x 4m square room eh? Question on APO Equalizer, I came across it, does the software processes the audio signal outside of the shared sound path (Directshow/Windows mixer)? I chose to use foobar2000 on a PC with MathAudio Room EQ DSP plugin. Very easy to measure and EQ out the monster 44Hz peak.
  5. HT4 scraping is still a big problem for me, a lot of incorrect matches, quite fed up and unusable for me. Forced me to fall back to Kodi (ZDMC). ZDMC works pretty well with Zidoo's internal player (which does a fantastic job re-mapping between the various color spaces/HDR-SDR/DV/etc. After poking around to get ZDMC automation working with my AVR, finally success. So nice for Zidoo to be able to control the Yamaha AVR. Am a happy man! Hopefully the information below can be helpful to anyone wanting to integrate their Zidoo ZDMC with their AVR (if you own Yamaha then you can just leverage the sa
  6. Anyone using ZDMC? I need some help... I am using ZDMC 18.8. ZDMC 18.8 doesn’t mark an item watched after the external Zidoo player finishes. I have to manually mark the item as watched. (I am using a central SQL database.) Any idea how to fix this?
  7. I can relate to many parts of the article. Ticklishly written. Heng ah...I ain’t no audiophile 🤣
  8. Stereo or HT? If you've a bad room mode that cannot be fixed with room treatment products, then digital room correction is the way to go...
  9. Clean & pleasant sounding to my ears, good imaging & details, room distortion tamed... that’s HiFi to me 😉
  10. so fast robot lai liao...start to post rubbish. First one is russian robot 🤣
  11. Anyone knows what are the differences between LG OLED CX vs. GX? I saw both at Suntec HN, performance about the same but price is quite different.
  12. Interesting interview... especially his view of the future market & their roadmap... (from 10mins+) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The X91 series TOTL 8K TV look very good on paper. I’m looking out for it when it comes to our shore. Recall my sharing about going projector because I’ve never had a projector before? I have given up the idea because the available projection width between my speakers is only 1.7m, no point going projector route. On the other hand, 75” TV barely fit into 1.7m width. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Seriously, a nicely cut slab of granite coupled with reasonably think vinyl sheet placed atop the speakers will achieve the same result and look a lot better...
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