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  1. The “incomplete XML structure” came about indirectly from me.
  2. It’s considered a single sub in my opinion. Multiple sub configuration are meant to allow for placement optimisation that can only be performed when there are physically separate subs. Colocated subs or multi driver subs aren’t considered as multiple subs. I have 2pcs of subs in my room. More is never overkill, but there is the law of diminishing returns.
  3. 0.9.5 beta 6 onwards seems to have added support for miniDSP 88a-BM. ~Jun time frame.
  4. Sevens, You might be the first person to use the DDRC-88a for BEQ. I have not heard of anyone else in this forum using this yet.
  5. I just checked since I updated by BEQ DEsigner. Yes, the latest BEQ Designer can upload BEQs to a DDRC-88A+BM.
  6. AKA Active Cross-over. An active (DSP based) cross-over just for the LFE is recommended for applications that intend to use different type sof subwoofers to cover different portions of the LFE. At this point, I still highly recommend you to use 1 type of sub. Either KK or Rythmik; and not both.
  7. I personally don't recommend unless you know how to : 1) Use REW as a power user to perform measurements on Freq resp, time delay measurements, custom EQ setup 2) Able to optimize external DSP to splice 2 types of subs together 3) cross-over cross-over settings for 2 types of subs (in your case, ported + sealed) within the LFE band. Its not impossible, but if you are hoping that Audyssey will do wonders for 2 different subs, be prepared for disappointing results. I would recommend to always use multiples of the same subs. Using different subs without a special 2-way x-over
  8. I’m Glad to have made some difference in your HT quest. I’d be happy to have a follow up pow-wow for anyone who is interested in taking their HT to the next level.
  9. Why are you looking for an upgrade? Why is deficient in your setup? Every upgrade will make a difference. The important qn is what deficiency you desire to address that is MOST apparent to you. (eg. upgrading the poweramps to Mcintosh may be expensive, but might not give you the upgrade experience you will appreciate) Everyone has a different opinion, and here's mine : 1) Upgrade your room size and get an acoustics to upgrade room acoustics. 2) Get a tactile transducer and/or upgrade to dual subs with >15" driver 3) Introduce a MiniDSP for BEQ 4) Get some forum experts to
  10. There isn’t a single number for volume. Movies are mastered differently but the individual Sound engineer, studios have their ow preference, directors have their own preference on this one parameter. Even electronics have different gain, even thou the master volume On the avr is the same. Lastly, the room and HT users have different preference. IMO, bass needs a louder master volume. (louder than -15dB below ref) Clearer sonic steering and intimate audio dynamics needs softer more intimate master volume. (Softer than -25dB below ref) No magic number in my exp
  11. Looks like the bottom trawlers are now growing. The ULF appeal is very strong once you’ve grown into it. I remember getting sucked into ULF when LOTR was released. Fast forward to today, ULF subs MUST be accompanied with BEQ and a good tactile transducer( Crowsons or butt kicker). There are just TOO MANY movies that are AMAZING when used with a true full range sub and tactile transducers.
  12. Yep, I tried with DTS-MA Neural:X upmixing. In the Neural X upmix, those clicks are midway between heights and ear level speakers, manifesting as part of the muffled background. On the ATMOS version, those same clicks had lifelike clarity. Lifelike to the point I wanted to grab my ladder at 5am to fix the clicking on my own lights.
  13. With the lack of movies in this COVID-19 year, I took the extra attention to optimize my HT and rewatch some older re-released ATMOS movies. Oblivion in ATMOS was very refreshing as compared to the DTS-HD mix. There were good amounts of ATMOS activity throughout the movie. However, there is a particular scene in this movie that reminded me how a good ATMOS implementation can show up small details in the ATMOS channels. At the 1:42:08 mark, the movie cuts to this scene: (with the iconinc Oblivion Theme music) The scene is shows them appreciating a painting; illuminated with
  14. G28 should be heavier than a fv25. And that’s already almost 100kg.
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