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  1. I bought my first hi-fi system back in 1977 from my year's saving from working part-time in places like Turf-club, A & W, car-wash & polishing services. I was then in my pre-u 2. It comprised of a complete Yamaha NS-88 system (turntable, receiver amps & a speaker) and a separate Sony deck (cannot remember the model).
  2. +1. It's all about personal preference, the type of music you listen to, the interfacing and matching with the rest of components in your system and importantly the room itself. I owned an Alexia 1 some years ago for I think 2 or 3 years, went around to look for a "better" pair speakers, after many auditions (local and overseas), decided that Alexia 2 is my preference, bought it and till today I still enjoying my music from it. If I would have a bigger listening room, I would definitely go for the Alexx.
  3. Usually I don't. Wash and remove static only after I spin the vinyl a couple of times, before some serious listening.
  4. The Olive Green one seems to have a more detail and wider soundstage, though the colour of the vinyl might affect the sound characteristic due to the way they do the moulding. In general, the black vinyl usually sound better than the coloured but surprising not in this case.
  5. I bought the set of 033 last Saturday....strange to hear the difference between the olive green and the black one; thought my ears playing the trick, tried both vinyls on both my turntables, results the same. Just wonder anyone that bought a set have the same experience.....
  6. Bro Simplybochup, for your Oopiib album, did you bought the set of 2 or just 1 vinyl?
  7. I don't have such big collection, however many of them are considered "collectable" items. I maintain an excel file for my vinyl collections with date of purchase and the amount I paid in whatever currency. Told my wife to check this file before selling them off.
  8. I have never threw any of my CDs and vinyl since I started this hobby in the 70s and today I still buying them. When everyone jumping into music streaming in mid 2000, I still listen to CDs and vinyl as the main source, though I had 2 different "streamers" and DACs hooked up in my system. Up till today, either streamers is for background music when I am doing my work, CD for casual listening and vinyl for serious listening.
  9. I used the clamp from Clear Audio for all my wrap records. It works pretty well.
  10. Both are great amplifiers at their times; while X350 is neutral and revealing, it runs hot and is rather warm sounding. The XA200.8 has a tighter, faster and clearly defined bass, greater dynamics and contrast as compared to the older X350. Other than XA200.8 is Class A mono-block configuration as to X350 Class AB stereo, the XA200 is only warm every after 5 to 6 hours of continuous playing.
  11. I owned a X350 (a model before the .5) some 10 years back, now had a pair of XA200.8. I went from X350 to Audio Space Ref 3, Mchintosh 452, Goldmuld Telos 200, upgrade to Telos 1000+ and finally back to Passlab.
  12. Glad to hear that you like the sound of this interconnect. I am still using them in my system, though I have replaced all my Acrolink's speaker cable and power cords to Zonotone Shupreme & Grandio series.
  13. While streaming is convenient and I do that as background music while I doing my work, enjoying the music from the vinyl is a very different thing.
  14. I collect different pressings of the same album (specified singers only) both in 33 1/3 and 45 rpm version but hardly duplicate copies unless I made a mistakes (actually many times). I know there are quite a number of friends that buy more than 2 copies of of the same album all at the same time.
  15. I am referring to the EVO which is in the same price bracket with the 2090, the new 8N-8020 Performante is 60% higher in price. Like Watchdog (not sure he still doing it) I uses mainly Japanese cables in my system. I tested both the Evo and the Speciale using different sources to my pre-amp only ( the power amp is some 11m away). I read the above article, is more his opinion in his system. If you read another article where the Evo vs the 6300, is another different comments/opinion. As cables can be dependent on the system itself, is better to make your own judgement with each cable(s) co
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