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  1. hi sorry - my post was no very clear - i have a NAD 758 V3 with 7 x full range speakers (no atmos) - L/R/Centre/SurroundLeft/SurroundRight/RearLeft/RearRight i can confirm that all channel works fine , but when i play media - some netflix 5.1 stuff play rear channels in my surround left/right and my rears are blank (old movies) - dolby atmos movies play all 7 channels minus the ceilings (as i dont have any) - this is a good start im trying to find more stuff to make use of all 7 channels - wondering if native 7.1 video files lo
  2. hi guys! just got the apple TV 4K I find that 7.1 media is kinda lacking - my 4k netflix series seems to only pop the extra channels with the "ATMOS" movies or series Anyone have good files to share to test my new 7.1 system? Also - any good apple tv program to load these files? I downloaded VLC but im wondering what everyone else is using to play back clips on their apple tv?
  3. Struggled to get this working - so i ended up getting a new apple tv 4k and works beautifully! Seems like NAD + Xiaomi TV Box s 4k just not a good fit
  4. Hey guys i have a new AVR - the NAD 758 V3 (awesome stuff by the way) but my xiaomi tv box (the 4k one) wont seem to do the handshake properly, during boot up it will show the logo briefly before rebooting and flickering the screen - i tried many things like other hdmi cable, playing around with the settings, it would start for a bit and then die. It works fine on my computer monitor. I wonder whats up? Also - my apple tv 4k works perfectly. TV is Phillips 85 inch 4k tv. Anyone had similar issues with xiaomi and
  5. Im soo looking forward to play demon souls in 4k on PS5 (geeking out) Currently i have no clear idea on when i can get my ps5 - business must be good for sony!
  6. DID ANYONE MANAGE to order one? I haven't been so lucky 😞
  7. overall stability, unit hang etc also the app to control is just.... quite bad - do try it out to see if you can live with it the old X10 was actually pretty decent for its time (it was relatively affordable and feature packed especially during its time - this was like 6 - 7 years ago iirc)
  8. Honest opinion: They have changed distributorship a couple of times the recent years, their product range is a bit of a hit and miss their earlier products were very cost effective which presented a great value, their later ones in principle idea is good but cost effective? not really - and QC was an issue - i accompanied a friend test a few and both their software and hardware seems unpolished. If you do purchase them make sure you have warranty and local coverage and do test out the units before you do so. Test the hardware and also see if you can live
  9. Wait until no one want and discount, then i get Still happy with my 11 Pro right now haha
  10. I was a hardcore "audiophile" guy until I lost the plot , was using a 7-stack hifi system (spending so much time and money tweaking) until I realized i wanted to listen to music, and not to the equipment Downsized everything into the Devialet Expert Pro stuff with ROON Nucleus and I am happy. Now just waiting for the SAM (speaker active matching - a cool feature for the devialet expert pro) for my bedroom LS50 Meta and im good to go
  11. imo ROON is still very useful to manage music library, I came from CD so i ripped all my cd's into my hard drives - roon is GREAT to handle all these metadata But yes i can see people who use Tidal exclusively may not need Roon anymore
  12. how did you guys tried it? I have so many hifi at home but the Tidal connect feature doesnt show up in any (i have Naim/BlueSound/Devialet) EDIT: Ah i see the update for BluOS is just rolling out - this morning it wasnt. Will try to update tonight
  13. Bro curious what's the third thing behind the speakers?
  14. Those who are into this hobby for a very long time will know, HiFi is a serious hobby and is a never ending one. The pursuit of the best sound possible never ends. Until we get sick of the hobby maybe? Just when we thought we have our "end game" system - the mind wanders and we end up upgrading something, be it changing wires, adding accessories, adding components, or changing speakers altogether. If you can be happy with your system - whatever you have CAN BE HiFi if, TO YOU it produces a high fidelity sound. Most of the time our mind is never
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