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  1. Thank you everyone. A Bro. just advised and I have now got the licensed software downloaded into my Desktop. Cheers !
  2. I have just purchase the JRiver Software and there is a notification reading as follows, picture below Any advice how I should proceed from here please. Thank you.
  3. Attention Coffee addicts ! Ordered from Bright Coffee Co. the following roasted whole beans in 250 gm /pkt. https://www.brightcoffeecompany.com/ Product Price Quantity Subtotal × Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Triple Picked Edit Bag Size: 250 Gram Grind Size: Wholebean $10.70 Quantity $10.70
  4. My J-River trial run is ending soon. If a hard copy of it like a CD would be reassuring just in case my Desktop breakdown beyond repair I can download t onto the new Desktop. A friend told me if that happens I need to prove it was bought under my name and they will be able to do the transfer to the New desktop. Has any Bro. encountered any complication with it. Otherwise I will just proceed to purchase online. I suppose Vendor will be the Creator and Patent holder itself and not any Reseller. Any advice appreciated.
  5. HENG AH !!!!!!! Thank you very much Bro. headfiman. My neighbour was able to connect after following your instructions. The success means a lot to me going forward will certainly bring so much convenience instead of scrolling till kingdom come with the Marantz dedicated remote. My thanks also to the following Bros. who made every effort to assist and advise. Petetherock, BoxerFan88, jonlee, Audio and other Bros. who I have inadvertantly left out. Will take not of BoxerFan88 on holding off purchase of used iphone. So will try F
  6. NA11s1 connected to Asus Router RT-1200 in the Living room next to Modem Will do later as once I turn off RT-66, this Desktop will also be off. How do I know the Network Name that my NAs11 is connected to ? So I should select this " Also, I think you should probably select USB on the Marantz app, not the Music Server. " Thank you. Will request neighbour when he is up from is afternoon nap.
  7. Friend kind enough to come over . Just switch on Marantz Dac. First 3 pictures appeared. When I chose Music Server this 4th picture below appear below . It shows NO Connection on the Display. My Marantz Dac is connected to Router by LAN cable. Before I plug in the USB Thumbdrive I chose Music Server and this is what showed up.
  8. Thank you for your sincere and knowleadgeable advice. Originally, I had the RT 66 in my Family room for wider coverage as it faces 3 bedrooms. (The Modem is at a corner of the Living room with 2 walls separating the distance.) but reception in the Living room was poor and so when I contracted for M1 fibre RT-1200 can with it, So to have a stonger signal in the Living room I had the M1 technician did the connections. I have read in Xtremeplace before many bros. bemoaning poor reception because of location and desppite many of them using on
  9. Friends in my circle of same "vulnerable category" and as blur as sotong. 1-Where to go to find FL:ING app in my Android 2-If available, how to install will be next SOS Will try later . Thank you very much.
  10. The Lenovo AIO DeskTop is plugged into Asus Router RT66, and this Router is plugged into Asus RT-1200 done by an M1 technician. When going to THIS PC , the network does not show my Marantz nor my LG Oled Tv as parts of my network. But strangely neighbours iPhone showed up Lg Oled55 C9pta as in one of the pictures above. Thanks
  11. Thank you very much for recommending connection with PC metwork and use of Airplay. It is interesting and a potential for other functions as well but has to be an Akan Datang project. I need to complete first the use of iPhone to control the use of my Thumbdrive with ripped song&music through the Marantz DAC as a convenience over the Marantz Remote Control.
  12. Friend from neighbourhood. As blur as I am on TECH a better as he was able to load the Marantz Apps.
  13. Thanks. Can I find the IP address of Marantz Dac by checking the DAC device itself ?
  14. In picture No 3. How do I find the IP Address of my Marantz DAC ? Any Bro. please.
  15. Just got a friend to download Marantz Dac App. Following photos attached. The Na11sa device appear as follows. He is as equally "good" as I am. Last pic after choosing ALBUM : Song 1 etc appear. How to go from here? Any help appreciated . Thanks.
  16. I have a Taiwan made Dvd-9. Can I use J-iRiver to rip just the song 'Ai Piah Jia Eh Yia' ?
  17. My PC is located in the family room while my HiFi is in my Living room. Maybe I will buy a used but simple iPhone to use as a Remote. Problem is I will need a contract with a Carrier and for iPhone I wonder if they have Prepaid Card facility or is iPhone too ATAS ? LOL
  18. I just googled and there is a APP but its for iPhone : https://hometheaterreview.com/marantz-na-11s1-network-audio-player-and-dac-reviewed/ " The NA-11S1 can be controlled by either the included remote or Marantz’s control application, which can be downloaded at no charge from the Apple store. The remote is a simple device but is heavier and more solid than the typical plastic remote, making it feel more at home with a higher-end device. That said, I usually used the Marantz app running on my iPhone to control the unit. "
  19. If I have 200 of Classical albums stored in my USB Thumbdrive plugged into my Marantz DAC, is there a faster way to search Strauss Waltzes apart from using Scrolling Up & Down Arrow on the Marantz Remote Control? Thank you.
  20. I am looking for 4 pcs of USB thumbdrive 3.0 to store my songs and music separately. I need to know if a USB thumbdrive 3.0 is the same as a USB Flash drive 3.0 If I buy a 2TB usb thumbdrive to store a genre of music/song will it take a long time for my Marantz na11S1 DAC to open it up and play a song/music because data occupy a 20% of storage capacity. I am asking because some branded 2TB USB thumbdrive cost the same as a 250gb usb thumbdrive. Thank you.
  21. Thanks bro., Will check. Thanks bro., Will try.
  22. Where do I go to , to do this : Open command window with administrative privilege, run: At what page ?
  23. Bismillah Biryani Restaurant in Dunlop Street - 6935 1326 and the lady informed me that it is indeed kid goat for the mutton briyani and that the kid goat meat (tender & juicy, she said) They now have home delivery. Ordered a set yesterday 5 June. No taste of mutton, rib bone very thin and fine. Most likely small lamb. Personally find it very delicious and satisfying. Though bismatic rice dry nevertheless acceptable to me as I have English tea to go with it. Will certainly buy again for sure..
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