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  1. Hi fi > High Fidelity = Reproduced of the original signal with minimum drift Only ur own hearing could tells u if sq of a particular setup consider a hifi system to u Yeah, above somewhat come back to ‘different taste’
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, went bought one from Challenger Bugis Best regards Allen
  3. Hi guys, looking for an aftermarket wifi router within $200 May I seek for your recommendation Thanks in advance for your advices Best regards Allen
  4. May I suggest Devore Fidelity O/96 Seems to sound better than many other spks I watched on YouTube, didn’t demoed in person though, I not dare go in audio88 hehe
  5. Know a friend who reconditioned his magnepan spks on his own, he is not professional repairer though PM if you interested to know him
  6. Thanks guys for spending time sharing your experiences, grateful for that Best regards Allen
  7. The article I read, editor started the ethernet cable shootout between cd tpt n dac, differences in sq were clear, same sets of ethernet cables he had for the shootout, he noticed differences in sq were difficult to detect between router to streamer As I am looking to buy ethernet cable for latter purpose, I somewhat got held up by the shootout verdicts editor wrote in the article, thus the start of this thread Best regards Allen
  8. Hi nut, I heard your advices Thank you, appreciate Best regards Allen
  9. My case, the streamer will be connecting to a LAN point extended from the router
  10. Saw there were standard n slim version, which should I be getting? Thanks in advance for your advices Best regards Allen
  11. Could u explain reason why Thanks in advance for your advices Best regards, Allen
  12. Thanks guys, got your messages loud n clear Thank you, appreciate your advices Best regards, Allen
  13. Hi guys, I am looking to buy an audiophile grade ethernet cable, price range within $300 Came across below article on ethernet cable shootout, editor conclusion was “Although it may not be exactly what you want to hear, for the router/streamer connection please feel free to use any RJ-45 cable that is on hand.” http://www.audiodrom.net/en/special-edition-reviews/104-ethernet-rj-45-cables-shootout Deriving from your experiences, may I ask for your advices if you agreed to above conclusion Thank you in advance for your time Best regards, Allen
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