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  1. this one right? https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/collections/power
  2. hi guys, after the recent power trip saga in my HDB home, I am now in the market for a power conditioner. I need one with 6 UK plugs. anything that you guys are using that you would recommend?
  3. the HD8XX may interest someone who might want to experiment and see what the fuss with the various HD800 models are all about. I still have my HD800S and I think they are a good pairing with tube amps. the price for the HD8XX could be lower I think. if it was considerably lesser than USD1K then a lot of people may jump in on the drop. as of this writing, 502 have bought the deal which is not too shabby I think. personally I am interested to see reviews of it emerging towards the end of this year when it finally ships in November.
  4. Bros, I have a GE422A rectifier tube that sparks when I power up my WA33 amp. even though it sparks, there are no weird sounds and no abnormal behaviour once the amp warms up and I start playing music as usual. in the interests of self-preservation, I followed Woo Audio's advice to stop using the GE422A. I have since removed the tube and I have put back in the stock rectifier tube that came with the WA33 - no sparks, no weird sounds and no abnormal behaviour with the stock tube. I'm looking for access to a tube tester to find out more about what is happening
  5. It has been a long time since I checked out the movies in my ATV+ library. these are movies that I originally redeemed on iTunes when I bought the physical discs. some of these titles have supposedly been upgraded to 4K HDR. today I watched one such title - A Good Day to Die Hard (2013). I was appalled to see how bad the PQ was - it was more like 480p instead of 4K HDR even though my JVC N7 was telling me that I was indeed getting HDR but the values were low for the HDR metadata anyways - triple digits in the 600 range. I restarted the ATV 4K but that didn't solve the problem. I sa
  6. this review showcases the latest firmware version 3.50 which features the Theater Optimizer: https://www.avforums.com/reviews/jvc-dla-n7-rs2000-4k-dila-projector-review.15860
  7. This page shows you what you are looking for: https://tidal.com/supported-devices?filter=tidal-connect,mqa,dolby-atmos
  8. pretty good video that walks you through the new menu and settings. I like the tip about the difference between BT2020 Normal and BT2020 Wide - selecting Wide showed me a positive difference and an even more pleasing picture quality, at least to my own eyes. I hope that further videos will dive in depth regarding the differences between Low, Medium and High for the Theater Optimizer settings.
  9. took a leap of faith with the 75" model. it is out of stock currently so I guess I would probably get it in mid December.
  10. I had a chance to update the firmware today. I have always been using the Low lamp mode and now with the Theater Optimizer set to High, I can see a positive difference comparable to when my HDR level was previously set at High when using Frame Adapt HDR on FW ver3.10. for reference, my screen size is 100" and my screen gain is 1.0.
  11. The new official version of Zappiti Video 4.24.255 is now available! Changes in version 4.24.255 News: - Reorganization and graphic redesign of the Zappiti Video menu. - The alphabetical menu now displays only the letters used in the collection. - The alphabetical menu now supports non-Latin letters. - Addition of new top banners: “Bonus”, “Disc 1” and “Disc 2”. - Addition of an HDR category in the technical information of the “Edit” menu. - Added logos for HDR format type (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, HLG).
  12. @Audio, in the pics that you posted above, the ones where the flesh tones appear more "orange-y" is Dolby Vision is it? the screen shot at the top is Dolby Vision and the screen shot at the bottom is HDR10 ?
  13. https://smyth-research.com/product/a16-realiser-2u/ Price is not negotiable. This is the 2U model. Comes with original accessories. This was bought in August 2019 so the warranty is over. I am selling it because it is currently under-utilized since I now have a dedicated Atmos setup in my mancave. The A16 will be ideal for someone who would like to emulate an Atmos setup without having to install the physical speakers. Please contact 94595907 if interested. Thank you.
  14. +1 for Jay. I have engaged his services thrice since last year. he's a good guy :)
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