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  1. Amazing. So can record from Bluray as well? Or even rip from those china streaming sites. Powerful!
  2. The app is ok but if you have wifi issue, it cannot work. Best is add another controller
  3. For some reason, the Zidoo remote seems to control my BenQ projector. When I select the direction keypad left right, it adjust my projector volume up and down. Any magical way to overcome this?
  4. 6700 currently is $3999 8500 currently is $4199 8500 is better. Flagship unit
  5. I used to have the Z9S. The wifi is unstable and it gets disconnected at times. Bought Z10 from Peng and found that the wifi is much more stable. Glad Z9X is more stable
  6. I heard Onkyo, Denon and Marantz a lot of models all solid out at aldephi. I guess it is more like suppliers got no stock due to lockdown
  7. How much does the Ferco cinematic seats cost?
  8. Hehe! Looking forward to the Z9X. Put in my living room to stream 4k from my NAS
  9. 7013 looks like a good buy
  10. Don’t know why local disc are so ex? Hk disc are more reasonable priced that SG. I heard Malaysia has some great deals
  11. Currently I have linked my HDD docking to NAS. Transfer then insert the HDD into my Zidoo Z10.
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