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  1. Ordered the amp module from Brian and made the replacement myself. Disconnect the amp module from the speaker and some ribbon connectors to the servo board and the preamp board. Unscrew the 4x screw and also the 2x riser pins that is binding 2x small transistor to the heat sink. Have to cut 6x cables coming from transformer and re-solder then to the replacement amp board. Reapply the included heatsink paste, making sure to put back the 4 small transparent and thin acrylic plastic pieces. They are supposed to be in between the transistor and back
  2. Apologize for being insensitive about the space constraints and WAF. My setup is in the living room and i'm lucky my spouse indulges me in my hobby. I have a LCR setup of a 2.5R + MMGW+MMG-C (tri-center). Plus a stereo pair of 3.6R. Been a maggie fan since I began my journey many decades ago. Nothing can beat the planar sound. Ohm Walsh omnidirectional speakers comes close. But that is a story for another day.
  3. Do an AB test of the 1.7i vs 3.7i at absolute sounds. You will get poisoned. and find a way to squeeze the 3.7 into your room. 🙂 Its a pity they stopped making the mid sized 2.5/2.6 with ribbons. The last 2.7 was QR also. Another problem with QR tweeter is that it will corrode over time in our humid climate. Absolute sound is not able to repair that for u. My 1.5QR tweeters are busted after 20+ years of service.
  4. Japan uses 100v, while the common step down transformers are more geared towards US 120V. Depending on your gear, the stepped down voltage might be too high for it. Check out this guy, he seems to be selling transformers for japan equipment. https://www.carousell.sg/p/fixed-price-collect-only-at-460405-various-model-step-down-transformer-singapore-to-japan-100v-for-japanese-appliance-kashimura-tts-20-tts-18-ti-200-nissyo-mf-1500-ex-1031803595/?t-id=5155447_1606311099343&t-referrer_request_id=CQCFi-K--LIkKI-j
  5. I own the older Maggies. (1.5/2.5/3.6) Not sure if 1.7i has ribbon tweeters or not. the true ribbon is much better in the treble than the qr tweeters.
  6. I believe that calfie is a private individual. He has replied to my PM. He is currently busy, not available to perform repairs. Forum members with other repair lobang, do suggest to us. It a waste to junk the plate amp when it can be repaired.
  7. Have a F15 woofer with A370PEQ2 in a DIY enclosure. Recently discovered that is dead, producing a low level of humming sound, even without any cables connected to it. Its a 10 year old sub, I suppose the plate amp is kaput. Anyone local who can fix it? Or can I buy a replacement plate amp? Rythmik website says they dont sell plate amp individually anymore.
  8. Let's put it this way, I have seen the sausage factory. If you are streaming from spotify or Tidal, the data interconnects in between your streamer and the source server sure wont be audiophile grade. The server itself will be a time sliced, shared resource run by AWS or some cloud provider. The TCP stream will be sliced and chopped into multiple pieces, travel along different paths, arrive out of order and reassembled on the fly by the intermediate routers. I not sure how the last mile piece of wire is able to compensate for all the mangling that has happen from the data
  9. Cat 8 is used for 40 Gigabit Ethernet copper connection. Only used in datacenters. Hardly any homes have 10GE switches. For the moment, Cat6a for home use if more than enough.
  10. so if amp fried, could we just wire the woofer directly to a power amp to keep using it?
  11. Any problem with delivery of the 82” behemoth? Tv with the box was able to fit into the passenger lift?
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