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  1. Is BreadTalk the holder of the Sushiro Japanese Sushi chain franchise in Singapore ?
  2. Thank you very very much Bro. YANG. If I had not been curious and thick-skin to ask I would never know about those 4 movies by Stanley Kwan of similar genre. So far I have bought this 長恨歌 and will hae to wait till next year to watch. The other 3 will hunt for them. 阮玲玉 by Maggie Cheung is very costly and available in eBay HK. Once again thank you very much Bro. YANG! Realyy appreciate your generosity of time in sharing. Have a great week ahead!
  3. BTW sorry for having given you so much trouble in checking that copy and taking up your time.
  4. Thank you for the offer. I will take your advice to watch the original for which I will have to wait till the orignal edition appears on eBay or elsewhere or when my relative visits next year.
  5. Bro. YANG, The movie Maggie Cheung "Center Stage" Tony Leung Kar Fai 1992 is about the Life of Ruan Ling Yu. Was there any earlier movie made in Black & White of Ruan Ling Yu's Life? I watched her movie "Goddess 神女 (1934) with English subtitles" a few days ago. She is a good actress going by the period of her time when Directors and movie stars were not well skilled. In some scenes comparison was made of Maggie Cheung who fell short . The other movie "Everlasting Regret 长恨歌" from the novel by Wang An Yi is it ,also about RUAN LIN
  6. Thank you for the info. So the image you uploaded is the FORTUNE STAR. Will avoid that. The Bluray version with shipment from HK costs US$32/. Just too costly.
  7. There was this movie on Life and Times of Ruan Ling Yu potrayed by Zhang Mun Yee. Couldn't find any copy on Ebay. Any bro. has one to dispose off please pm. Preferably with Chinese and English subtitles. Thank you.
  8. Just grabbed a box set from USA as standby for relative to bring over next year. Stanley Kwan: Everlasting Regret - rare 2-DVD limited edition box set DVD 1: The film in both Cantonese and Mandarin versions with English subtitles. DVD 2: Special features (including interviews with director Stanley Kwan and actor Tony Leung as well as The Making-Of the film). Also included is a 32-page full-color booklet. Kindly proceed to let me know your copy and will favourably consider if in good shape with English/Chinese subtitles. Thank you.
  9. Hi bro. YANG. Would be interested in your DVD copy of it has Chinese and English subtitles. Let me know if you are selling and the price. Thank you.
  10. I have searched and finally found a Coffee maker with Thermal carafe that works with Sg power rating which I intend to buy in case my present Philips brake down. The brand and model is "Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug, Timer Feature, Aroma Selector" However I need to buy from Ebay Uk sellers. Landed cost would be about S$200 which is acceptable. The risks are the damage in transit and less likelihood that it is not working. If I can buy from Melitta agent or distributor in Singapore I do not need to worry about the risks mentioned earlier. So I wo
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