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  1. Would like to buy a used copy of Hannibal preferably with English & Chinese subtitles and working perfectly of course.'' Would prefer one with HD or Bluray.
  2. It seems there are few if any Chinese tea drinkers here or if there are, probably the well versed who have their own source and already found their tea nirvana to participate for the common good. Just thinking aloud.
  3. The 4 grams of tea on the left make 4 tea cups; shown on the 2nd pic, of tea drink. This effort is not about promoting any particular tea but rather an interest of tea drinking . Some folks here may be in kungfu tea using Yixing Zhisha teapot and small tiny cups. I have tried that before and may return to it. Its about being in the mood.
  4. A pic of the brew. Forgot to take a pic of the brewed tea in a cup.
  5. Just tried 4 grams of this Chinese tea (鸭屎香). Verict "甘" and it lingers on your palate after you have finished drinking it. Very good tea I must add. Used to drink a Feng Huang DangCong from a shop is located in Joo Chiat which used to bring it in and available at some shop like the Emporium in Peoples' Park Complex. It can in a red tin of 125 gm retailing for $35 last I saw it. This is superior and comparatively cheaper with thei price on promotion. Maybe PeterTheRock should take a closer look and all other hifi enthusiasts who ha
  6. The following 2 Donting Oolong tea from Taiwan province are soothing and easily acceptable to the palate of most people given by Taiwan friends. I do not understand Chinese much. Wonder if anyone in this forum is able to connect with the producer/retailer as I am interested in buying especially the type in green tin which I believe is produced by the Lugu Tea association. Would appreciate any information leading to communication by email or telephone. Thank you.
  7. I passed by this tea shop 白新春 that NUT had recommended among several others in his earlier post. I aksed the lady if they do sell DanCong tea and she produced a small handy packet and told me it is named 柿 花 Dancong and also from ChaoZhou. Looked good to me for a try. Was told the content is 50 gm ; asked her the price she quoted $49.80 ! I had a shock. But after a moment of calm, realised that if 2.5gm of tea leaves is required for each brew it cost only $2.49 so much cheaper than a Ventu of Starbucks Special brew. On balance it is not costly
  8. I am currently drinking Pu'Erh , and 2 types of Taiwan Lugu and Gao Shan tea. A little "itchy on the throat" so I just bought a few days ago thie FengHuang DanCong " DUCK **** TEA" froma chap who has his group plantation in ChaoZhou. I paid $45/ now on promotion for a metal tin with content of 250grams (usual $52 without Gift) and it also comes with with a gift of a Tea Flask for making Chinese Tea on the go. The flask is heavy though, metal and glass I suppose. Not yet in the mood to taste the tea. It is the tea I am trying not the Gift that came with it. He is
  9. So its confirmed there is no hype at all and these are audiophile recordings. What is the difference between Dal Cds Made in Denmark and those not made in the country?
  10. I came across this beautiful voice on YOUTUBE. The voice is simple and pure and she sings naturally. I like to buy the album. Any bro. know where is it available. It is described as Shanghai Restoration project. Forgotten Shanghai Classic Part 1 被遗忘的上海经典歌曲
  11. While enjoying Old Chinese songs of the 20s and 30s I stumbled on a song by Zhang Le and these few evenings I have been listening to her songs on Youtube which she sang in the link Forgotten Shanghai Classic Part 1 被遗忘的上海经典歌曲 These songs production and compilation was and under the auspices of the Shanghai Restoration Project. She brings a breath of fresh air with her mellodious and easy voice. Check it out on youtube. Worth your time especially for seniors.
  12. Thank you brother YANG for the info. I have already got my Meletta LOOK coffer maker with thermo carafe namely : Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug, Timer Feature, Aroma Selector, which was delivered on 6th November 2020. Paid GBP110.20 Old Philips with thermal carafe refuse to give to way. So Melitta LOOK still unused.
  13. Is BreadTalk the holder of the Sushiro Japanese Sushi chain franchise in Singapore ?
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