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  1. Looking for a pair 1m to 1.5m. Belden or Canare or Gotham. XLR female to RCA
  2. Used in good working order. 3 pin Spore outlet Sine SA 5. Cryo-ed. No.trade. $350.
  3. 1) Colossus Rev A = 1.5m pair @ $300 2) Aqueous Rev A = 1.0m pair @ $270 No trade. Cash & carry. Both cables RCA
  4. Purist Audio Design Aqueous. Non bi wire. Both ends spades factory terminated. $368. No trade.
  5. Local set. No 110v outlet. Cosmetic 7/10 - surface scratches on 1 side. Doesnt Affect the performance. Not for fussy buyer. Currently in use in my system i.e in working condition. Price:800$. No trades.
  6. I have tried beans from both Hook Coffee & Perk Coffee. Recently switched to Paksong coffee from Loas. Purchased through Lazada at $24 per kg. Strong fruity taste. Value for money.
  7. Looking for a pair of 12sn7 or 12sx7 tubes
  8. Joni Mitchell Joan Baez Jeniffer Warnes Natalie Merchant Eva Cassidy Barbra Streisand
  9. Thank you for the link. It tickled otherwise a boring WFH day!
  10. Thanks bro for the tips. I managed to get it done without a un-grooved lp. Thanks also to Mr Google!
  11. Anti-skid blank record/lp Apologise for hijacking this thread. I am a TT newbie too. I am looking for a blank record/lp to help with setting up the anti skid on my TT. Where can i buy from or is anybody selling. Thanks
  12. Looking for "mid-range/ mid-priced" MM cartridge.
  13. Looking for Enacom speaker filter Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. Excellent & good working condition. Pioneer preamp C3 & Pioneer poweramp M4. Highly regarded in Japan. Both 100v. You need a step down trans. Both selling at $3.9k Please do your homework with Google Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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