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  1. RIP: U Roy (Ewart Beckford) - 21 September 1942 - 17 February 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4c-FTrT1Fw
  2. Just a suggestion - whichever route you take, do have a home trial where possible. Better still, insist on a home trial. Even pay a little for the home trial. It'll save you money, frustrations and regrets later.
  3. Oops. How do I insert a youtube clip here?
  4. Hi there, there is a forumer - KopiOkaya, who does custom linear power supply. Cheers
  5. I seldom eat red meat nowadays and it has been some time I had sheep/lamb, identified before consumption, so if memory serves me, sheep/lamb taste, flavour and smell is a little milder than goat's meat. Texture wise, its about the same, again if memory serves me well. Another place where I believe one can get goat's meat briyani is at blk 17 Beach Road, opposite the hawker centre. The shop has not signage, only a long queue. The actual vendor is situated inside the coffee shop so if you are very early, you need to ask the people at the coffee shop of its location. This briyani is quite de
  6. Hello, it seems this topic has attracted a few people and turned very interesting and educational for self 🙂. Anyway, I just called Bismillah Biryani Restaurant in Dunlop Street - 6935 1326 and the lady informed me that it is indeed kid goat for the mutton briyani and that the kid goat meat (tender & juicy, she said) is from Australia 😀. They do serve lamb meat as well but those are different dishes. Ok, my experience eating this kid goat briyani was that the meat was indeed tender but I felt that it was slightly dry but it was also very tasty. As for the slightly dry bit, I had
  7. Most, if not all, prepared mutton dishes are of goat's meat in the Little India area. Sheep's meat in this area is called lamb for some reason and one must specify that one wants lamb's meat if it is preferred but only at the raw meat shops. As for mountain goat's meat, I doubt that it is available here unless some vendor tries to pull a fast one on you with an interesting story. I believe all goat's meat here are from goats reared in S'pore or Malaysia. You can see the goats reared here in the Lim Chu Kang area. I don't think that the goats, reared for meat and milk, in S'pore or Malaysi
  8. Bro, are you looking for raw goat's meat or prepared dishes that contain goat's meat? For either, you can go down to Tekka market. There are many stalls who sell raw goat's meat at the meat section, whatever cut/s or minced. At the cooked food section, you can go for goat's meat biryani, murtabak with minced goat's meat, mutton soup or even mee goreng with minced goat's meat or mutton chops with fries, etc. And at any of the many Indian restaurants, a variety of goat's meat dishes, too many to mention. BTW, goat's meat is also known as mutton here. Cheers and Bon Appetite.
  9. What happened to all the photos in this thread??
  10. Saint Laurent Now Offers a $44,000 Marble Turntable Designed by a French Music Master https://robbreport.com/gear/audio/saint-laurent-rive-droite-43000-turntable-2945677/ Cheers
  11. Hey zephyr11 You should read the DIY audio pages where they compare opamps in the TU-8500. The NJM2068DD is the standard issue even in Phono Equalizer Amp [ PS-3250 ], if this is what you have in mind. If you email elekit, you would probably communication with a Tamura, Ms Tamura ;D Cheers
  12. Sorry, I forgot to mention the cost, in total, including, assembly, a Alps blue, postage, insurance and GST, at my door step -S$999.50. cheers
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