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  1. Has anyone seen the new Optoma UHD35+ in action or know where to see a live demo? Thanks!
  2. Are u still in touch with them, Sam? Maybe now little tew and/or little pst know how to play hifi/HT liao! ?
  3. Yo bro, u still staying in YT? Find u for kopi after the CB is over! ?
  4. Great, just wondered how the rest were doing. Tew, Pst, ebliu... hmm where are u guys/gal?!
  5. Actually my sub was DOA the first day so SVS shipped a replacement part to me. Thanks to a SVS sifu here (I think you all know who!) who came to my place to help me replaced that part and the sub has survived till today (touch wood!). The only maintenance I did all these years was just using a piece of cloth to wipe it.
  6. Fifteen years has passed in the blink of an eye... Wonder if anyone from this MO is still holding on to their big black box (or cylinder) like me?! :)
  7. I am glad that the organiser has finally brought back the live singing sessions in this show (I almost want to skip this year show). Although there were only 2 sessions yesterday and both singers were new to me, I enjoyed them thoroughly. The good news is there are more singers and more sessions for Saturday and Sunday shows, so lets give them our support!
  8. I talked to the sales rep there and was told that it is under prelaunch now and they do not have an actual unit to demo.
  9. Can someone recommend me an affordable dual SIM (both must support 3G), 5" FHD and quad core phone? Camera can produce good quality photo will do, dun need very high mega pixels. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, good to know that! Francis will know why this is impt to me!
  11. Hi, if u put in two 3G sim cards in the phone, are u able to choose which sim card data plan you want to use when browsing internet for example? Thanks!
  12. Roger! I hope u rec my mobile number thru the pm?
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