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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Seems like quite many of us here use KNT ya? Will connect w them! 🙂
  2. Need to get more careful movers as OLED has a very thin and fragile panel. If you have recommendations, can PM me or post it here? 🙂 Thanks!
  3. Hope onkyo can sustain and do well. Their avr used to be very good for HT. Excited abt their new avr line up with dirac. Esp rz50 Is rz50 going to be their flagship model ? The online announcement in jan 2021 mentioned thr rz50 will be released jun 2021. Did anyone read any further news on the release dates?
  4. If u are doing reno, usually your contractor will be able to do the concealment if it's simple digging a drain and putting a hose pipe. And probably more "integrated" as he is doing the rest of your reno too. Did u check if he's able to do for u? Or do u have other deeper requirements that main contractor cannot do
  5. ITEM: Letting go of a KEF Q200C centre speaker (black). Selling as I’ve upgraded to the R-series & kept as a spare (still reluctant to sell it as it is a very good spare centre speaker to keep). CONDITION: Tweeters and drivers are in GREAT CONDITION. Used for abt 5-6 years but well taken care of. Aesthetic condition, very good 9/10 (as it is on photo), just some minor imperfection at the bottom of the speaker. This speaker series won awards in the international hifi scene. The online reviews speak. What makes it sound so good and coherent at this price
  6. Same situation here. My listening area is beside window. Easiest way is to install a L-Box and hide/route your cables from there. If u dont have a false ceiling soon, one easy way to route it and also hide it is run your wire casing on top of your floor tile skirting at the window area (that's what i do) or at corners where ceiling and wall meets. Then, when the wire reaches to the rear wall, run the casing vertically via the side of the window so that it is kind of "hidden". Then after that, you can continue routing wherever u want it. If you don't want wires running
  7. Check out these KEF used speakers, you can build a VERY GOOD system around them for 5k: FOR FRONTS: https://www.carousell.sg/p/kef-q300-1058352345/?t-id=1526802_1617069139918&t-referrer_request_id=L4ZZ3oy7ETHvZzEh https://www.carousell.sg/p/kef-q150-272546126/?t-id=1526802_1617069139918&t-referrer_request_id=Lr4OgT2_umP40PK9 I have a spare piece of Q200c which is a matching centre if u finally decide on KEF FOR SURROUNDS/ ATMOS: KEF e305 Eggs: https://www.carousell.sg/p/kef-e305-5-1-egg-speakers-1066732639/?t
  8. Many ways of running the trunking to hide it. Do u have a false ceiling or Lbox at your listening area? Is your listening area next to the window or on the other side of the living room away from the windows ? Can u elaborate what is elevated atmos speaker? E.g do u mean atmos enabled?
  9. I see. Your living room & listening area size is almost same as mine. 🙂Understand your challenges fully. With this room size, u need at least 2x 12" subs to sufficiently fill your room with bass and not sound thin. Don't compromise on this. There was someone selling dual REL identical subs in the used section. Grab them. I would set aside some money to add bass shakers to give u the low rumble tactile as your 12" subs cant give u that. 1) With your room depth, I'd avoid big floorstanders (esp rear ported) for fronts as most likely there isn't enuf de
  10. Great. Then the possibilities & potential to build a much higher quality sounding system with 5k is immense! For the same monies, u will have system that is at least 2 times the quality compared to getting new gear with the $5k. Plus, say in future, if u get the upgrade itch, u can sell this gear at almost zero loss. But placement & calibration is the key. A well placed & calibrated 5k system can sound much better than a system 3-5 times the price that is not setup properly. My prelim suggestion (all used gear) : Avr - Get a decent used d
  11. are u open to consider used sets? Or must it be die die new
  12. Lookin forward to your impressions 🙂 If we ship in one unit, how much is the rough total cost? Think this is Really a vfm DL processor
  13. Sigh... panny player's disc playback good but the limitation is usb file support not good So sad... 😞Till today, really got no player that can go near oppo... ?
  14. Nice. Any worthy oppo 203/205 successor yet? Is this the one Hope we can find oppo 203/205 successor b4 it sunsets 😟
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