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  1. So bad ah... Wonder what's the issue they face..... Are there any other known brands that does that didn't have issues with DLBC?
  2. Highly reviewed/ rated Emotiva XPA5 200W per channel 5-channel Gen1 Power Amplifier for sale. REASON FOR SELLING: Seller (my elderly godpa) has not much HT usage so changed to a stereo amp for music enjoyment. CONDITION: See attached actual photos. Well maintained, the amp is placed on top of the TV console throughout use and nothing is placed on top. Good condition with strengthened RCA ports, used set, warranty over. The XPA5 Gen1 is highly rated with great online reviews. Some prefer its build vs the Gen2 https://www.stereophile.com/content/music-r
  3. wow, looks interesting. With Dirac Live some more. I assume it can support the Dirac BM module?
  4. Bros! The new Umik2 mic by Minidsp is out! Seems like a significant upgrade from umik1. https://www.minidsp.com/products/acoustic-measurement/umik-2 Time to have a group buy with bro win! Anyone keen ha
  5. thanks bro keai. Yes I am using that now for ref. =)
  6. thanks jag. they just had a new stable pre-release for 0.9.5 (non beta). Just downloaded it but dunno where to begin. I just cloned the GITHUB repository in <MERGE DSP CONFIG> menu. If anyone can list the steps to do to setup the BEQ step by step, I will be very thankful. Steep learning curve and dunno where to begin.
  7. https://github.com/3ll3d00d/beqdesigner/releases/ New release for BEQ designer 0.9.5
  8. bro jag, what version is your BEQ designer? Are u using the beta or normal version
  9. Can someone pls tell Creative to create a HDMI platform too for their earphone products .... sigh...
  10. Thanks kenshin. Are u using your ddrc24 for beq duties as well in your den? If yes, was the xml file compatible?
  11. I shall give it a shot. Thanks jag n wech :) subs alignment, dsp, and Dirac in one package, and if can make beq work top, it's really vfm
  12. I'm Using a UE boom 2 and very very impressed with how :)such a small speaker can sound for the price. But out of all that I've heard, the dali is the one to beat in terms of sound quality. Super musical
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