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  1. This is an integrated device with its own speakers and can work by itself right? How to operate the Radio when there is no more Analogue transmission in Singapore. Is there an Internet connection to this device where it can access all the receivable wavelength ? Thank you.
  2. I saw him cleaning it. Very easy and user friendly ( uncomplicated ) It is FUSS free and any novice will find it a breeze to clean. I have seen others; I think the Vacuum type, which once broken may not be easy to fix or costly to fix. If I had many LPs in my collection this will be my FIRST choice. Just wonder how much it cost.
  3. $2/- Just sent 21 pcs this afternoon. Look for Gabriel.
  4. Went there ths afternoon n had 15 pcs cleaned to my satisfation. The demo room was playing an lp and the sound was staggering coming from an old and worn down Celestion SL6 powered by solid state Bryston through his own designed Zenn tube pre-amp. It was the sum being greater than the parts that I perceived. Will visit him again for next batch of Lps when free. Bros. here should try him for the servce and he carries a wide range of Lps.
  5. I managed to look up Zenn Audio nearer my place which provides cleaning vinyl tecords and I can wait instead of going back the following day to collect. Maybe bros. here may want to make use of his service.
  6. There is a shop in Peninsula Plaza several storeys up who sells LPs and also provide LP cleaning service at $2/ Used to make use og his cleaning service several years back. Nice gentleman. Any one knows the shop name and tel number? Thanks for any info.
  7. Looks like the 2 sets on left are the real McCoy ;D What's the price difference by multiples ?
  8. Was also looking through websites for racks just in case I need a change. Varititan good point is that aluminium wont rust so only wipe clean. As regards Acrylic slabs I think it is more suitable than MDF board which I came across one Varititan fitted with them. Over time MDF wood slabs that weigh 8kg each. Been using 4 legged rack with MDF board and over the years they have warped maybe because they are about 1cm. Don't know about MDF wood if there is a difference with MDF board. Seller is Hi5Lpcd on Carousell for those interest. Not sure if it is the same party
  9. Right fuse meaning the fuse inside the eqipment ? If not the multi plug distributor will spoil or my eqipment will blow ?
  10. Can this " Oyaide OCB-1ST Electric multi power tap 125V 15A " be used in Singapore ? I have some equipment which has cable with 2 flat pins . Thank you.
  11. Wtb The Deer Hunter 40th Anniversary - 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray + Blu Ray by Studiocanal Plse pm details. Thank you.
  12. Thank you bro. Francis. Will look at Xiaomi M15 and ZTE zubia Z11 which areideal at 5.15 and 5inches . Samsung S7 is too big to put into pocket !
  13. I see Xiaomi and One Plus screen size is almost 6 inch. Any other Chinese brand of 5inch with quick start up and good battery life and service back up. PQ not that important .
  14. Need some advice. I am using a Samsung Galaxy J5 prime. I need a new android phone with bigger space and better speed and like to know if I change over to a China phone can all my Tel.Nos., Pictures, WhattsApps contents and Line contents be transferred to the new China phone. I prefer a comfortable handy size that can be put into my trouser pocket such as the size of Galaxy J5 prime and not the humongous phones that is the trend. PQ not that important but ease of use and speed is. My Galaxy J5 Prime takes years to startup and camera is slow to snap. Any advice please.
  15. Anyone know if Sim Lim Tower sell reliable grade USA Duplex Wall Socket and usually what is the cost. Tks.
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