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  1. Count me in please! :) Thanks!
  2. Hi Desray! I googled and couldn't find any mention so I just connected a variety of sata3 devices -- nothing. :( I guess having a sata port with sata cable does not mean the set can connect...
  3. Help... anyone here ever connected an internal blu ray drive to the rear sata port via the supplied cable? I can't seem to get any drive to be recognised... :P Thanks for any suggestions/advice!
  4. Anyone upgrading and wish to sell off their F12? Pls pm me. Thanks!
  5. Hi Audio and Music experts! Has anyone seen the old Samsung N950 soundbar demo clip that Best Denki and other showrooms used to play? The jazz music used in the video is beguiling... if it is not something that Samsung specially commissioned somebody to compose, then I hope to find out the name of the performer(s) and the song used... Can anyone help? Thanks, just trying my luck even though demo videos are meant to be forgotten ;P
  6. Anyone upgrading and letting go of the above? Please send me a pm. Thanks!
  7. Seeking any amateur or specialist repair expert who can fix my Yulong DA8 dac. Symptom: does not recognise any digital input (USB or spdif). Thanks in advance.
  8. Looking for a used set in good condition, bearing in mind the current retail price is $3200+ at Stereo. If you are upgrading, please pm me to discuss :) Thanks!
  9. Entire setup maxed out for desktop and headfi. $1300 firm (original $1900+) Please pm with contact details if keen. Thks
  10. Hi brothers, Can anyone of you who has the requisite Japanese bank account and VPN solution to purchase high resolution music from e-Onkyo help me buy a few albums of a long-time favourite Japanese singer? I have all the original CDs but they are now available in 24/96 and are so tempting! TIA!
  11. I am getting checksum error upon trying to unzip. Mixture of Desray's files and the remainder from Wiz's server... Just FYI brothers!
  12. Thanks for your help, WizardofOz! Happy Chix Year!
  13. Thank you Desray!!! 鸡年恭祝你发财玩HT, 健康又happy, 听atmos笑嘻嘻, 卖了VW500E还捞起, 全家快乐无比!!!
  14. Horridly set up: loud detail-less boom bass, midrange suckout, poor overall tonal balance that is only appealing to novices who go for the fake ambience and pseudo atmos effects from no rear or back speakers.
  15. Bought from forummer here for a listen, reselling it for $5. Interested pls pm me for collection along NS mrt line from city to amk. Thks.
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