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  1. Do take note of the rated input voltage of the transformer is 220v. As our incoming is between 235v to 240v, you might get about 6.73v and 299v (without load) on the output respectively. A 6.8% increment. May not be too much of a concern for the electronics, but bias might be affected.
  2. A) hdtv_noobie B) chaozhoi (and CO) C) Khun/Wilber D) Ronildoq (free in April & May) E) wizardofoz + friend F) Jag G) ginamos H) kaydee6 I) jeffong J) ccyao H) sevenz (i'll try to make it! ) L)zuko J) LancerCK (& CO)
  3. This? Sorry I couldn't seems to resize the image. This socket can be found from this seller in Taobao https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  4. Someone in Carousell is selling. His stand ranges from 30cm to 60cm to 70cm. Not sure about the quality though, as I have not use them before.
  5. Doing a rough calculation based on an average person's height of 1.7m, I'll guess the screen size to be about 300inch ;D
  6. I totally with Audio, screw the 2.35:1 screen. To TS, I have about the same setup as you and i have no problem watching movies presented in the 2.35:1 format on my 16:9 100". The blank area doesn't affect the experience much. Unless you are going to use the anamorphic lens, you are also going to waste the pixels that resides in the blank space anyway. So it is not really that optimized after all. Even with anamorphic lens which are pricy, there are users reporting that there is a tad bit of chromatic aberrations present. In the end, you still have to compromise. So IMHO, why not just
  7. 1) Flight of the phoenix- plane crash (as usual) 2) Streetdance 2 - last dance battle scene 3) Max payne - Gun shots (forget which chapter liao..) 4)Spiderman3 - think is chapter 5 or 6 or7 5)Rambo4 - last battle scene 6)District B13 - forget which scene liao... 7) Ratoullie (cannot spell - ha ha) (BR)- sewer scene 8.) Superman Returns (HD) - when he goes supersonic / saves the plane 9) Day after Tomorrow (BR) - tornado in LA 10) Ice Age II (BR) - ice melting 11) Top Gun - sound of jets taking off HD DVD 12) Black Hawk Down - Irene (plus good sur
  8. iPhone 4S black 32GB. Mint or close to mint condition. Full box, warranty till 24 Jan 2013 Asking $530. Collect at Vivocity or Outram during lunch time, or Redhill after work. Interested, please call 9 six six 9 six 3 six 9. Thank you.
  9. Thanks a lot Bro. I work near them, and frequent them whenever I need parts. Didn't knew they sells belts too :P
  10. Bro, can check with you, is there any particular shop to look for? I realised that my AMC CD6 (using a Sony KSS210A transport) have the same issue, and the rubber belt has hardened. Hence tray cannot close fully. TIA :)
  11. :oWhat a beauty!!! How I wish I can produce a speaker that is this good ;D. Outstanding!!
  12. Amazing :o, out of this world!!!
  13. Thanks a lot :). I'll start another tread when all my parts arrive ;D.
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