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  1. Thanks bro for sharing opinion. Appreciated for that. I wonder if higher gain will produce distorted color and bright spots then I think they won't win competitions and earned so many awards in Japan consecutively. https://hk.os-worldwide.com/products/screen_materials/hf102/
  2. There are few popular brands of screen projector such as Stewart (Made in US), Elite Screen (made in China), SI (made in US) and OS (made in Japan). I plan to upgrade to a 4K screen. I went to their websites to find out what kind of screen (fabric) will be suitable for me but I wonder what gain is most suitable for me. OS screen has two type, one is for 4K, with 1 gain and their flagship model is for 4k-HDR with 2.6 gain (ready for 4K HDR laser PJ). Stewart has 1.3 gain, ES has 1.2 gain. I don't know the gain for SI ( popular model is Black diamond and and Slate)
  3. Wow awesome good match in color.... room treatment huh... tempting me to visit you again... partly bcoz of durian pizza also. hahahaha
  4. Poised by my bass-head buddies that's why now thinking to add one more subwoofer in my HT setup. ☺️
  5. I woke up this hour not for EMI but usually for 'phew ... phew ... phew ' 😄
  6. Item: Sony VPL-HW55ES flagship projector (FREE 3D glasses) Location: Woodlands Price: 1300 Item Condition: Working condition, mint with box & all original accessories Reason for selling: No longer use Payment Method: Pickup at my block and meet at Admiralty MRT station Extra Info: Complete with original box and FREE SONY 3D Glass Photos (you must include photographs here):
  7. Wah.... congrats bro ... looks so gooood for special edition AVR there.. not everyone own it ... eagerly for your review. BTW, your room is so humid at 68% RH. Cheers
  8. My setup uses 6 atmos ceiling setup which are mounted directly to the ceiling concrete. Each speaker has the same distance Speaker is B&W M1. ;D
  9. At this price region than surely I would jump to AVP even though it is only 4k/60hz. No matter how, AVP is a difference league, better than AVR
  10. You are right, PGS couldn't adjust thats why I need to download subtitles in SRT hence I can adjust the font size, color and position. Thanks bro for this information. I learned new thing from you. :)
  11. Hi guys, Before I updated the firmware (v2.3.32) for my Z10, I could change the font size for the subtitles. But now, I couldn't do it. There is no feature to change. Did you encounter this also? or is there a way to change the subtitles sizes? Please help
  12. In the home-theater setup, did you really hear the significant difference when you tilted towards your ear levels? I wonder
  13. Selling more than half price SONY VPL-HW55ES - Flagship Projector You would be amazed by SONY advanced technologies, producing an excellent picture quality. It is so rich in colors, detail, and pop up especially handle shadow and low light scene.. Awesome! Review: https://www.whathifi.com/sony/vpl-hw55es/review https://www.avforums.com/reviews/sony-vpl-hw55es-hw55-3d-projector-review.10108 https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/sony-vpl-hw55es https://www.techradar.com/sg/reviews/audio-visual/projectors/sony-vpl-hw55es-projector-1294619/review Price: $1400 (retails was $
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