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  1. My earlier post is my personal experience with the Gold Note phono pre PH-10. The improvements I heard is when I added the PSU-10. At $1,500 the PSU-10 is a good Bang-for-the-buck addition. I have Nick @Audio Atelier to thank for the the loaner. Life is so much easier by having the actual equipment hooked up to my system to hear the difference/improvements (if any). As for the TT upgrade, it will involve a lot more $$$ and home trial will be next to impossible.
  2. My Goldnote PH-10 phono pre-amp. I bought this 9 months ago after reading positive reviews online. Easy to operate without having to deal with dip switches to change settings. Fast forward 7 months, took back a PSU-10 to trial at home in my system. The PSU-10 did not leave my system. If you have the PH-10, you will want to add the PSU-10 to the PH-10! I am not doing a review here.....only stressing that it is true what is written online about this pairing. It is a perfect match that you will soon forget about spending the extra $ on the PSU-10.
  3. Personally went thru the the many different methods and designs of RCM. Agree that ultrasonic method is ‘theoretically’ effective. I even tried a MIC ultrasonic cleaner and although there were improvements to lessen the noise (clicks crackles & pops), I was certain it was not the full solution. IMHO a RCM must also have a good vacuum suction, just like a Loricraft. That’s probably the best (only?) way to get the stuff off the grooves. And that’s how I ended up with the Clearaudio
  4. @BlurRhino At the end of the cleaning cycle, there is the static removal cycle. I will have the vinyl spin 3-5 rounds. And it is sufficient to have the lp free of static. I hardly need to clean my stylus. Plus my Zerostat Milty has not been used since I got this RCM
  5. This is the Clearaudio RCM I’m using. I like it because it cleans both sides at the same time.
  6. Your journey is not done yet Bro. Now you will need a good record cleaning machine (RCM). With a good RCM, the pops and clicks will be banished. And if the RCM is equipped with static removal then even better. Using my RCM, I got cleaner stylus and very little dust on my records. I will rate RCM as money well spent.
  7. You may be pleasantly surprised what you can get. Don’t go crazy with an expensive tonearm. The Kubrick if I’m not wrong is $5k ish, if the Jelco tonearm still available it is around $1k, pair with the Hana SL......all below $10k comfortably. Steven Cheah is back at the showroom. Talk to him.
  8. My first real upgrade in the sound department after more than a decade. The MBL 116F is a big leap from the Sonus Faber Cremona
  9. Thanks @macrotrust Bought 3 LPs from HEAR months ago. Reply was, "Boss don't give discount". Will check out Analogvault soon
  10. Hi @macrotrust Please let me know which vinyl shop/s give discount? Getting discount from the many vinyl shops I purchased before and lately is like pulling teeth! The only shop that extended discount to me on vinyl purchase is High End Research @ Concorde Shopping Ctr.
  11. Finally found a copy. Will be looking out for the 2LP 45 rpm version
  12. Anyone selling their Muddy Waters The Folk Singer LP? Please let me know
  13. Steven said the shim is not necessary although there are other users who added 2.5mm shim
  14. Will be adding a automatic tonearm lifter too. Toss up between Trump-Lift and Little Fwend.
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