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  1. My first real upgrade in the sound department after more than a decade. The MBL 116F is a big leap from the Sonus Faber Cremona
  2. Thanks @macrotrust Bought 3 LPs from HEAR months ago. Reply was, "Boss don't give discount". Will check out Analogvault soon
  3. Hi @macrotrust Please let me know which vinyl shop/s give discount? Getting discount from the many vinyl shops I purchased before and lately is like pulling teeth! The only shop that extended discount to me on vinyl purchase is High End Research @ Concorde Shopping Ctr.
  4. Finally found a copy. Will be looking out for the 2LP 45 rpm version
  5. Anyone selling their Muddy Waters The Folk Singer LP? Please let me know
  6. Steven said the shim is not necessary although there are other users who added 2.5mm shim
  7. Will be adding a automatic tonearm lifter too. Toss up between Trump-Lift and Little Fwend.
  8. The TT and the phono amp is with Steven @ Audio Basic. It will be a while before I bring them home. The Gold Note PSU will be future addition.
  9. Thank you for the warning$ guys! Will live with the Hana SL for a while. My next purchase will be a record cleaner. Noisy and dirty LPs was what got me off vinyls in 1988.
  10. Also got the Gold Note PH10 phono pre-amp. This vinyl thing is expensive.
  11. Spent some time with Steven at Audio Basic. Decided on the Hana SL as the ML is not available for 4-6 weeks due to back order. I guess I will just enjoy the SL first.
  12. Listen mainly to blues and jazz. Attraction for strong female vocals and string instruments. Prefers big soundstage and warm sound.
  13. I will need a new cartridge for the Rega RP10. The first thought is to go back to Rega Apetha, the latest Apetha 3 is $2,700. Any suggestions for alternative cartridges? Am hoping to keep to the lower range of $2k. Looking forward to cartridge suggestions and their prices
  14. Thank you @malsound for the links. Unfortunately it is not the belt, the white plastic gears seem to be the problem.
  15. Hi People, my TL1 transport has stopped spinning. But i can still hear the whirring of the motor. Can a kind soul please share details of a tech/expert who can fix my baby?
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