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  1. same topology by using interstage as driving stage to give 845 at full power swing driving voltage as on my other posting for 300B I tried this with 300B with same concept to give 300B with full swing driving voltage 90vpp and 200vpp for 845. 1:2 interstage is being used for both project. 150,000 watts of transmitter,wow hope i could find such a high power RF tube!
  2. Item: Location: Price: $60 Item Condition: used but in perfect condition.no leakage. Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here):
  3. for interstage core material is important, while you need to know some factors for low signal application,it is unlike the output transformer core factors,I fine tune it with experiments.
  4. Typology 1: to give 300B work in full swing driving voltage a 1:2 ratio interstage is being made,+-70V rms driving voltage without problems,you get bottom to high note in full power. today completed the insertion of laminated core,air gap DC current tested. next project to try c core to compare with EI core sounding drive 300B to optimise power Fine tune the core with measurement taken and ultimate hearing the interstage work well for driving 845 tube too my next typology for driving 300B 845 is a CCS chip design
  5. UI core is a U and I core joining together to form the rectangle shape, quite similar to CD core,the differences is in the 4 corners whereby one is 90 degree and the other one is circular. Both can work as either power or audio transformer application at AC means cycles or audio cycles 20-20Khz others core type like toroidal,R core are having high efficiency too!all are differs from one another in sounding orientation.
  6. CCS and Mosfet constant current there are advantage of low impendence to give a fuller swing of driving voltage to the 300 Mosfet charatheristic is similar to triode,CCS typology work like interstage but the interstage here need higher demand to work with low signal and inductance. To drive 300B in full power bandwidth not only the driving stage but the output trans also important cos this tube is medium mu,low internal resistance and need high driving voltage to work with NKF is not applying in typology here.
  7. It is not a question of compare of which circuitary is better than one another or preferences! It is an answer to use 300B as an output tube if full power(both hi and low)and bandwidth can be fully utiised for this tube to perform,skip the underperformance here. 2 or 3 stages of amplification whichever circuitary use(1 or 2 stages of triode connection voltage amplflication )total voltage gain in order to give 70vP-P driving voltage for 300B work under the working parameter to give full power(ie 7W 20-20KHz +- 2db) when bandwidth and power is in full distribution we then come into sound p
  8. 300B to work as an output tube for power amp,what is the critical part? Is the driving voltge from the driver stage to gives 300B in full bandwidth output power. So which typology of driver stage circuit design is good? SRPP or interstage transformer? capacitor coupling or inductor coupling?
  9. Is a C core(Hi B)or a EI core transformer which is better to use as an output core Audionote uses C core for their high end output while Tango still uses EI core for their output. One must know what is the sounding orientation you are looking for! Details,phasing,defination,and frequencies range bandwidth.
  10. The answer is both with very low output impedance loading to give good damping factor for controlling spks.
  11. To play with this old school turntable,your chioce of tonearm and cartridge need to be something to comply with the turntable design typology(roller driven,wow and flutter related to comply)
  12. both circuitary uses different approche to make the output stage at lower impedance load for output trans Z to keep the better bandwidth,but which one is better sounding and easier to succeed? Mcintosh MC30 circuitary typo Triple PPP ouput circuitary typo like Jadis Mcintosh MC30 retro triple Parallel push pull amp like the Jadis
  13. the old single c core MC30 output rewinded retro the current production EI core MC30 output
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