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  1. Saints local band during the 70s,one of a major band in Singapore music records LP industrial here. $3 find today at the records shop! Remember i was at Sungei road(near now Sim Lim tower)roadside record stall when the stall owner played this record with his DIY KT88 pp amp with Partridge out put during the early 70s when Sungei road was popular for the electronics flea market at its prime time.
  2. Thanks for compliments! Selling my handcrank winder for half mth already but no taker,haha...
  3. A power transformer winding based on old school presence,i wind them from scratch.... Usually found in the oid days English transformers in the early 60s. Japanese made like Sansui,Lux they also did these for their early products. No wires dangling outside just soldering tag post. Last photo is the modern Lux trans soldering tag already changed to easy production.
  4. Item: Transformer handcrank coil winder Location: meet up Price: $20 Item Condition: sold as is. Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here):
  5. Those EI laminated core are Hi-B oriented core, with advantages in between amorphous and nickel core.This is the type of core uses in some audio note amp's trans.
  6. all transformers are diy including interstage,output and power.
  7. It is a turns ratio also in this case application for power transfomer. In theory without consider any core losses.
  8. message me you will get the full formula. Is (pri voltage/sec voltage)squareX?+(?x150) for example if you want to try a 230V to 6V transformer to use as an output what is actually you get for your pri impedance?I will tell you is 11K if you connect to a 8 ohm spk.
  9. same topology by using interstage as driving stage to give 845 at full power swing driving voltage as on my other posting for 300B I tried this with 300B with same concept to give 300B with full swing driving voltage 90vpp and 200vpp for 845. 1:2 interstage is being used for both project. 150,000 watts of transmitter,wow hope i could find such a high power RF tube!
  10. Item: Location: Price: $60 Item Condition: used but in perfect condition.no leakage. Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here):
  11. for interstage core material is important, while you need to know some factors for low signal application,it is unlike the output transformer core factors,I fine tune it with experiments.
  12. Typology 1: to give 300B work in full swing driving voltage a 1:2 ratio interstage is being made,+-70V rms driving voltage without problems,you get bottom to high note in full power. today completed the insertion of laminated core,air gap DC current tested. next project to try c core to compare with EI core sounding drive 300B to optimise power Fine tune the core with measurement taken and ultimate hearing the interstage work well for driving 845 tube too my next typology for driving 300B 845 is a CCS chip design
  13. UI core is a U and I core joining together to form the rectangle shape, quite similar to CD core,the differences is in the 4 corners whereby one is 90 degree and the other one is circular. Both can work as either power or audio transformer application at AC means cycles or audio cycles 20-20Khz others core type like toroidal,R core are having high efficiency too!all are differs from one another in sounding orientation.
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