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  1. @econav, actually I am a noob in this area, in fact in other area also, so my understanding might be wrong after reading some articles via Net. @Raylim76, u completely understood my intentions despite some bad terms I used to describe my problems. 👏 maybe next time i buy AVC-3700H because its product description mentioned the below. Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) HDMI support: Through the main HDMI output, connect your TV with eARC HDMI support to allow uncompressed and object-based audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X directly from yo
  2. Hi wcseow, Forgot to extend my thanks to u earlier. To answer your qns. 1. No. 2. Yes, sound is ok if avr show PLII Cheers to all
  3. Relax brudder, no need to be so aggressive (unless I mis-interpreted your meaning... peace) 🙂 to be frank, I am a noob to AV. I thought forums are meant to be sharing of info, ideas and etc? sometimes whilst doing own research, I read the contents and might misunderstood them, but for this case, I believe I am correct so I went to the url u provided and read, it also said it is backwards compatible https://www.hdmi.org/spec/hdmi2_1 I screenshot for your reference. Hi Bro Bo
  4. thanks very much 🙂 may be too much for me to understand. lol I doubt my TV can do that. I know it can decode (or whatever the term is) Dolby Digital +. this is written on the product spec in samsung TV URL. Samsung is so green that it does not print user manual in hardcopy anymore.
  5. thanks very much 🙂 if select "Auto", the audio output is distorted
  6. Hi Petetherock and wcseow, 1) My TV and AVR are connected using HDMI cable via eARC and ARC port respectively. I just want the native apps e.g Disney+, Netflix to play 5.1 channel thru my HT. 2) Samsung Q60A tv only support Dolby Digital + 3) Cannot select "Pass-through" under Expert settings for sound mode in TV, see "TV sound settings.jpg" 4) If playing from Netflix/Disney+, the AVR detected as Dolby digital + but the display looks weird and the sound output is distorted, see "TV_netflix.jpg" a) if I changed the sound settings to PCM, the LCD display and so
  7. sorry for being so shameless. haha 😂 Anybody here as similar experience or setup that works? my TV is a Samung Q60A and a Denon 1911. Technically HDMI is backward compatible as I done my studies on the internet. It is just that I don't want to buy a new AVR to find out root cause isn't from the old AVR. tyvm
  8. No, it is via HDMI cable. thanks I have edited my original post and title to be more precise
  9. Hi all, Allow me to rephrase myself, sorry for the confusing first post I have a new Samsung smart TV with built-in streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+ etc, I only wanted the sound to pass thru the AVR to get 5.1 channel, but failed. (My new TV eARC port is only HDMI 2.0b according to some TV reviews website.) - sound is distorted, even if the source is TV, the result is the same. My connect as below: TV(eARC) -> AVR (ARC) - all using existing HDMI cable - Used a new HDMI 2.1 cable and gotten the same unsuccessful result. - TV settings for "Sound" menu h
  10. Hello guys, My subwoofer is always in red light, what could be the issue? could it be fuse problem? My case: I haven't been using my HT for quite some time, recently I switched on and my sub begun to give out "thumping" sound, when that happens, it will turn from green light to red and then back to green (each time it thumped, the light will change accordingly). As of yesterday, the light is red despite me switching it off and on several times. Please give advice, thank you
  11. Sorry to bring up an old post. :P i see from youtube videos, people are using analog spl meter and they set a range to e.g 70dB. From there, they begin their calibration. as I cannot see the needle's movement, i assume it will stay at the "0" position during the calibration process. since it is hard to find analog type, so for digital spl meter, are there any function to set the range to 70dB too? sorry for the noob question
  12. I am selling a pair of brackets and speaker stands. 1) brackets @ $30 2) speaker stands @$50 - min height is ard 70cm. max height is ard 110cm. for the stands, you might want to clean and respray because the bottoms have slight rust. However, it does not affect the integrity of the stands http://smg.photobucket.com/user/JonKCS/library/Speakers%20stuffs deal at sengkang, compassvale lane contact me at 98340276 (slower response if you whatsapp me) thank you
  13. Hi, I have a set of old Kenwood speakers for sale. I'm not sure of its working condition as it is in storage for many years, selling at $50 or you offer at a reasonable price. 1) RS-520-W (surround) 2) SW-305-W (sub) 3) LS-V320-W (floor standing) 4) CS-V720-w (centre) speaker picture in the URL are for display purpose only excluding the surround speakers, they are the same as what I have. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/JonKCS/library/kenwood?sort=3&page=1 also selling a pair of wall mounted surround speakers bracket at $25. pics can refer to the URL abov
  14. thanks very much for all advice given :) i am not very guru in HT setup, so can I use this android apps for the SPL meter? http://www.cinemabalancer.com/ then download a file (the last option) and play thru my BD player together with the apps? http://www.cinemabalancer.com/downloads/
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