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  1. My colleague ask me to recommend him a projector which preferably less than 1.5k to watch drama in a room with ambient lights. He is not a videophile so not really focus so much on blackness or contrast. Most importantly the projector must be able to shoot a bright and sharp picture. Any recommendation from bro here? He doesnt mind to import the projector from China or getting some good deal from Carousell.
  2. Can't see the photo bro. -edited- can see now, bottom one seems brighter
  3. How is Pixel 4a camera compare to your iphone 11 pro max?
  4. Bro, you are really tech-savvy, guess not many like you who can switch from iPhone to Android easily.
  5. Why not the iPhone SE which doesnt cost much more? It is touchid and should be easier to tie you through the transition from your previous iphone. You were using XS Max right?
  6. Bro, I remember you were using iphone? Why suddenly switch to Pixel 4a?
  7. Glad that the recommendation exceeded your expectation. If you like music then must get seal sub as it would be faster compare to port sub, JL is not bad as I have heard from a few forumers house. I am using Bluesound node 2i also, it is huge difference to me between tidal hifi compare to bluetooth streaming, not sure is it because of blusound device. Maybe Pete's Cambridge is better.
  8. I have the same issue, anyone else simpler solution beside getting a new remote?
  9. Do update us know what you chose eventually and did the upgrade met with your expectation.
  10. I think earlier post has already shared on the list of amplifier with HT bypass. For your information, I am using Monitor Audio Sliver RS6 in my living room partner with Musical Fidelity XA1 and Blusound Node 2i playing my digital collection from NAS as well as Tidal and Spotify. I found RS6 is quite easy to drive, XA1 and Node 2i provided a very good synergy with RS6. Not too sure is the new Silver 6 is the same tonal quality, if yes, then I think MF is a good match. Your budget is much higher than mine when I want to build my living room setup thus you can look at higher end to suit yo
  11. If you play music more often and like what you audition in showroom then I second the opinion of synthesis, which is to get a dedicated stereo amp with HT bypass. This way the improvement would be bigger when you listen to music. Monitor Audio silver is not a bad speaker, you do not need to upgrade for now, just find one amp that can match it well. http://www.audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/item/426-amplifiers-with-processor-input If you want to improve your movie experience as well, then you can look to upgrade your AV receiver altogether to something like below (or lower ra
  12. looks nice, what is the cost like?
  13. Thanks for all the suggestion so far. As I would be doing renovation so placement wise dont think there is restriction. I plan to put it on the front and back wall plus two in the middle of the ceiling shooting down, so two pairs wall mount and one pair ceiling mount.
  14. bro, I am looking for a Atmos speaker, might be getting 2 or 3 pairs so hope to get a more value one. I am buying it for a new place so hopefully can get best bang for my bucks, looking not more than SGD500 per pair. A few brands pop into my mind, Monoprice, Emotiva, SVS, they used to be on the value side, is it still the same now?
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