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  1. Thanks for viewing Item sold.
  2. UPDATED LIST 1. Sevenz - 1 set - 9677-nine-four-9-4 2. Pismo Mac - 1 set - 9150 double five double five 3. desray - 1 set - Sevenz, you know the number to reach me 4. Durianlover88 - 1 set - 9 three 8 three three 9 three 1 5. Sonicmasala - 1set - 9008-seven-eight-four-four 6. Den9893- 1 set- 9780- three-zero-10
  3. Thanks a lot, Bro Ronildoq Look forward to seeing you then!
  4. Thanks a lot, Bro Roni Look forward to visiting your HT November 2019
  5. Thanks Bro Roni for the invitation to visit his home theatre. The moment we walked into Bro Roni's home, we can recognized that this is a heavily 'accoustically' treated area. The feel and RT is like a hall in a theatre or the like. The bass traps, absorption panels and diffusers were positioned strategically for a purpose. The noise floor is also at a very low level. When the sound system is muted, you only hear the air-conditioner. Bro Roni took his time to demonstrate the various clips he had prepared to showcase his Home Theatre ie Dolby Atmos Surround, mid to low bass sweep, Te
  6. Moreno will be joining the Reds at £12m (confirmed by BBC) ;D
  7. IMHO it is quite diffiuclt to find the equivalent or something close to your Kuro's PQ (for S$2k budget) I had similar issue (the blue LED flashing) recently on my five years old KRP 500 A. Had this resolved by a local shop as Pioneer no longer support this product here. Understand mine was problem with the digital board... Cheerios
  8. Hi All Received a lot of enquiry for the XA7ES... This unit is in good working condition and no repair is needed. Low ball offers will be ignored.... ;D Cheerios
  9. I have a high end Sony XA 7 ES for sale (unit is reserved by a bro) Set is champagne and in good working condition. Please PM to deal. Review here...http://www.10audio.com/sony_xa7.htm Cheerios
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