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  1. atrocious finishing... and very poor corners execution
  2. I'm not comfortable with this controversy surrounding Suarez, but this time, commentators decided on seeing numerous replays that it was a peno after all
  3. is it too far for other teams to steal a er, march on those two?
  4. Guardian writers on their footballing pet hates Guardian writers select what makes them grumble about the sport, including cheating, drums and half-time marriage proposals People who moan about stadiums with running tracks Kicking the ball out to get attention for an injured player The extent to which broadcasters who have paid billions to show Premier League football kowtow to players and managers in post-match interviews International teams being managed by foreigners The refusal of the game's governing bodies to use of video technology Newspaper marks out of 10 Goal
  5. I have this - but it only plays in my CA player (and not the Pioneer) perhaps he was referring to some of the early Crest prints that cracked up?
  6. Bellamy and Kuyt instead of Henderson and Downing? Or he will bring those two on later as he usually does
  7. How about we score more ourselves next time.. there'll not likely to be another Brighton. And that penalty.. pathetic technique (that's a great name for a band, if ever) (what??? we're football fans... of course we can complain LOL. )
  8. Don't be too quick to gloat at the plight of Rangers If this once proud football club were to go to the wall, it would be a tragedy for all of us, including Celtic fans
  9. Here's a thread for interesting/good reads about football, not necessarily related to any teams specifically. let's start this off with The tragedy of Fernando Torres Chelsea’s £50m striker has fallen prey to the malaise that every sportsman dreads: a catastrophic and inexplicable loss of form. But why does this happen to top athletes and how can they recover? (read)
  10. let me quote AnfieldCat on that "in my 3 minute cameo I've ran past more players than Stewart Downing has all season" by the way, in the spirit of cooperation... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/fsgc38
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