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  1. Onkyo New models coming soon..... TX-NR474, TX-NR575 and TX-NR676..... Think i will be a good time to grab the current models soon.... since new model is coming.....
  2. anymore review on the RZ3100... feel like changing my old NR1009 and try out out the 11.2ch power.....
  3. Still feels that Onkyo 800 still pack more punch then pioneer. Don know if you guys feels the same?
  4. The Onkyo TZ-RZ900 have a more powerful Toroidal transformer. Is it really that good on this transformer? does it make a big different?
  5. Look like the TX-RZ900 looks good.... http://www.intl.onkyo.com/products/av_components/av_receivers/tx-rz900/index.html don know when is it coming......
  6. Onkyo New models is out. Was walking around sim lim sq and saw TX-NR646 and TX-NR747 delivering to Alpha Audio. didnt have time to go and see the price..... will go and check it out when have time.....
  7. Onkyo new models of Dolby Atmos and DTS X is out. http://www.intl.onkyo.com/whats_new/2015_0501.html anyone planning to get them? any reviews yet?
  8. I have call and check there is no replacement for 5010. TX-NR1030 $26xx TX-NR3030 $37xx PR-SC5530 $35xx SKH-410 $32x These are the retail price. hope that all this help....
  9. TX-NR333 $6xx TX-NR535 $8xx TX-NR636 $10xx TX-NR737 $14xx TX-NR838 $17xx TX-NR1030 $???? TX-NR3030 $???? Thats wat i saw in the shops...... TX-NR828 & TX-NR929 is having special price. think not much left and doing clearance ba.....
  10. Jus to share: Dolby Atmos upgradable is here for onkyo new models TX-NR636, TX-NR737 and TX-NR838. This is the site to know how to place ur speakers : http://www.onkyodolbyatmos.com/
  11. after trying will be going for TX-NR929 since its the last batch of receiver having audy. and good price now. worth going for before its gone....... Those wish to try before getting it can go to Alpha Audio to get it.
  12. Anyone try the New Onkyo models?? thinking of getting the TX-NR929 as all the new models don come wif audyssey only the old models have that and price have been coming down....
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