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  1. Heh, I don't read XP often so didn't see the lead on Sound Affairs. But doing my own research online, it appears the replacement laser/transport mechanism is a KEM-480AAA. Readily available online at Aliexpress and even Amazon, as it turns out. So I bought one, looked for more instructions on how to do the replacement, didn't find anything spot-on but the stuff was still reasonably helpful. So this weekend I got ready for the project, and just as a "one last check", tried to spin some discs. Whaddya know, it still works... So while I'm not going to be trying to install the part
  2. Seems to me it could be a localised bandwidth issue. I use my 105 as Netflix player mostly these days as the transport isn't working. Sometimes it takes a while to load up, esp at what might be "peak hours", e.g. 8-10pm on weekend nights. Otherwise I don't have as bad a problem as you, 15mins to reach full HD; it's at most 30s or so until (I assume?) the stream has fully caught up with the buffer. Separately, anyone got any leads on fixing a busted transport?
  3. Don't say that yet! I am still hoping I can get the transport fixed/replaced. And even if not, it'll still be used as a media player and, would you believe, for Netflix. On a separate note, am pleased to report that buying and installing the region-free mod for the 203 was incredibly easy.
  4. Heh, no, or at least not quite. I still have the same Missions and SVS sub I bought all of 17 years ago, haven't upgrade AVR in a while, but did recently get a 4K OLED and therefore the UHD203. My other friends think I'm a real dinosaur, still buying shiny discs when everyone else has gone fully digital. But yeah, haven't really kept up with the latest, don't really have time to be so critical of what I watch or listen to, hence no need to keep up either. (On a separate problem, the 105 transport has stopped working too. Sigh. :( )
  5. Late to the party, but then again I already had a region-free 105 so I wasn't looking into it for my 203 -- but now my 105 transport has stopped working and I have to look into contingencies if it cannot be fixed... IIRC, the kits for the 103/105 also work with the 203?
  6. I hate Aramax too. Back when we were still enjoying the free shipping, there was once they claimed no one was present to receive the package, so it was delayed by a few days. That was nonsense, my delivery address is the office, where there is always someone present to receive deliveries, even at lunchtime (which is precisely why I have stuff sent to the office).
  7. Quick update, in case anyone gives a hoot: the problem is probably with my old iMac (at least 8 years old?) -- I tried reading the discs I burned on another computer, and two of them looked about right (the third couldn't be read in the other computer either). I tried one of the discs in my 203, and sure enough it worked -- it's now DVD region-free. Whew, was worrying a bit that a dodgy disc might brick the player...
  8. I haven't kept up with what's new, but two things I concluded when I was doing my research years ago: (1) IMHO if it can do music, it can certainly do HT, and (2) get as much power as you can afford, regardless of what your speakers are nominally rated at, and even if you think you'll never play loud. Reasoning: for (1) music is probably more difficult to reproduce in detail and accurately, whereas HT is most dialogue and bangs/crashes. If it sounds good for music it should be perfectly fine for HT. I went with Marantz since they have a reputation for "musicality", and I've never felt
  9. I wonder: is it possible to install a firmware update from the US site rather than the Taiwan site? And is there any reason to do it that way? Also: I tried to burn the "Oppo superdisc" to install DVD region-free a few times but it kept failing. To date I was thinking my old iMac's drive was at fault, but I just realised, since it's an ISO disc image, and I was trying to burn to CD-Rs (since the files are so small), is that why the burning failed and I have to burn to DVD-R? Since obviously a DVD disc image won't fit onto a CD-R, even if the data is miniscule...
  10. My impression is HDR10+ is a Samsung thing, and not an industry standard?
  11. An LG 65C8 goes for about US$3,200 in USA, so that would be just under S$4,300. Whereas the best you'll manage here in SG, after factoring in the vouchers etc is maybe $5,800 or so. Even bearing in mind that US listed prices are without their respective sales taxes, our S$5,800 would be $5,420 before GST, so still a difference of about S$1,100. Ugh.
  12. Replacement handled by LG directly; I initially raised it with the retailer (HN), who told me to contact LG. After much hemming and hawing LG agreed to replace, but said it was a one-time replacement only, and if after that I was still dissatisfied I should seek a refund and return. Seems a bit odd that they'd take such an attitude, if the second panel was still a zebra surely they should stand by the quality (otherwise) of their products and replace that too? But yeah, good thing this one is fine.
  13. Replacement panel. So much better, and quite acceptable. The (re)delivery tech was wondering how long I'd had the previous panel and what had happened to it to warrant replacement. He was surprised when I told him I'd barely had it a few weeks, and showed him the zebra pix. He agreed it was totally unacceptable.
  14. This is the replacement panel. So much better, and quite acceptable.
  15. For mine, yes. Any dim scenes, it shows up glaringly; even football, it can be seen against the green pitch. Another recent glaring example was a scene from Seal Team: it was a shot of the aircraft flying the team at night, so the night sky was dim, and covered most of the screen. It's more noticeable when watching at night, during daytime I think the brighter ambient light means either my eyes aren't as sensitive, or maybe (I think it's a feature?) the TV output is actually a little brighter. It really depends on how bad your panel is, so it's often called "the panel lottery". if y
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