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  1. Just bought a 75X950G display set as the X950H doesnt come in 75". Coming from a Sammy ..... looking forward to a more detailed n realistic movies :)
  2. Was looking them both too , except in 75” lol… trying to decide which is better value … looking for a good deal too
  3. thanks for the tip ... will check it out later when i get home !
  4. thanks ! trying it out now .... still trying to figure out what i did wrong ... when i turn off the avr ... my tv doesnt turn off with it .... i had turn on passthrough .. not sure why anynet doesnt work ...
  5. hi everyone, just upgraded to this amp after. trying to figure out all the settings lol just like to check for video , do u guys let the avr process it or leave it native for the tv to process it ? Im using a Samsung JS9000 65inch ... thanks !
  6. Tried to order from Amazon UK but it says doesnt ship to SG ..... u mean using a forwarder ? thanks
  7. Hi have a brand new in box Marantz SR 4002 for sale at $300 for sale with warranty starting from your date of purchase . Please pm if interested Thanks
  8. Hi have the following brand new BRs for sale. Thanks for looking. 1) Batman The Motion Picture Anthology - $80 2) Casino Royale - $20 (reserved) 3) Sleeping Beauty - $28
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