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  1. i have 3 TT 1 belt, 1 direct, 1 laser. only 1 TT being used at any 1 time. The other TTs are always kept physically 10 meters or more away from the system. This way the motor or whatever metallic parts of TT will not affect the soundstaging capabilities of the audio system.
  2. Otoh, if you are buying an ABBA bluray disc, make sure it is an European release by the Polar label, not the UK, and definitely not the USA. When is the ABBA thing going to happen? ?
  3. The more things change, they more the remain the same When digital audio on optical discs is replicated in another pressing plant, over in another continental, there is always sonic differences. Why is that so, nobody knows. The replicated discs that are manufactured in another country other than the country that the copyright holder resides - tend to sound different - brighter, slightly harsh and fatiguing, leaner, less bass, less full bodied, flatter in soundstaging depth - all the classic examples of sonic artefacts that can be introduced from the proces
  4. Big is not an issue for me. I just think the pass labs INT looks like the starchild's face where got big head but the 2 eyes, the nose the mouth all crowded into the centre... I have no views on the electrocompanients. I just never want to go back to their shop ever again. Buy the pass labs pre and power lah! Their pre and power amps look much nicer ? .
  5. Huh? INT 60 is only 9k usd. Anthony (always) sells same numerical value in sgd. Dun quote me, go find out yourself... P.S. I actually dun like the way the INT 60 looks. The proportions look funny to me. And be warned: you might never get to listen to it at Anthony's. All my pass labs and emm labs gears all I never got to listen properly before I buy. Just bring them boxes home myself in a taxi, or a friend drove me home (luckily not with his wife's truck). Never regretted though....
  6. I went to the centrepoint showroom to accompany a friend there to listen to the 8900, driving the same opera speakers that my friend has, that I helped to set up. Wasn't impressed at all with the amp. Could get better with less money. What's more, during the demo I caught them turning up the bass knob all the way but they told my friend that the setting was flat. If budget allow, go for pass labs....
  7. Go with a pure analog amp. Go with one that doesn't have bi-wire connection. If your speakers are bi-wirelable, use 2 separate runs of speaker cables. Avoid running both sets of cables from terminal a+b. And avoid running the high/low sections of the spectrum with amps of different circuit topologies! How can you be sure that lower and higher frequency timbre will even blend smoothly? Avoid getting a amp that doesn't double its power output at 4ohms vs 8ohms. That means that amp have kidney failure. The Yamaha output 100watts @8ohms, but only 150watts @4ohms
  8. Very safe to spend big on av processor/receiver now. Dun see any paradigm shift in surround format evolution in the near horizon Dirac is cool. To have phone app is very important. You dun want to have to a pc on your lap when you want to edit the room corrections.
  9. You don't leave this in the listening room anyway. Any motor device near audio system can generate magnetic field interference affecting soundstaging and timbre characteristics. I see people put their RCM next to their turntable. That's a very stupid thing to do.
  10. that one use hand wan more like toy this one:
  11. I've heard a lot of records' sound ruined by using the spinner in the wrong way. Nearly every user i've observed while using it typically spin the record while pressing down the brush over the record surface. This can have very detrimental effect on the sound afterwards. I have the spinner myself. I highly recommend the spinner. But I will never press down the brush over the record while it is being spun at high speed. But those offering cleaning services with this spinner typically want to get rid of "noise" at any cost. noise can be gone, bu
  12. The unique thing about Dirac is their ability to synchronise the re-routed bass signals at the subwoofer to their original speaker channels - so that even the tiny (in comparison) ceiling speakers can sound like full range
  13. ONKYO TX-NR696 seems like only pre-out for front channels. izit enuff for you? can return, or trade in for higher models have pre-out for 5.1.4 channels?
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