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  1. Its the same aged problem - cds and vinyl pressed in countries/continent other than the country the record label is based will tend to sound "diluted", thinner, and less dynamic. So USA pressings of media of UK/EU based artists/record label will tend to sound "diluted" while UK/EU pressings of USA based artists/record label will sound "diluted" vs their USA originals. The pattern of degradation cannot simply be dismissed using inferior production facility theory
  2. The recording, mix down, or mastering may have been done in a different country other than the label's home country, but the completed mastertapes still has to be delivered back to the home country for the label's verification/approval before being officially released as commercial products. What does surprises me though, is that, in these times and age, with all the production done prevalently in the digital domain, and the final product being able to be digitally transferred bit-for-bit to destinations around the world, why is there still perceivable sonic differences between di
  3. A deeper, even darker secret: 12" singles that are pressed on another country/continent than the one the artist/label is based most often suck a lot....
  4. The German playmaker hasn't played for the club since March, but still has one year left on his contract. In a statement on Twitter he wrote: [quote] This is a difficult message to write to the Arsenal fans that I've not played for over the past few years. "I'm really deeply disappointed by the fact that I've not been registered for the Premier League season for the time being. Upon signing my new contract in 2018, I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated.
  5. Just tried it on a Playfi sound bar. Works beautifully.... 😁 Sounds better when casting Tidal from phone to the playfi sound bar, compared to using the sound bar's Playfi app to stream Tidal.
  6. This article explains the benefits much better.... https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/tidal-connect-casts-mqa-and-atmos-track-straight-to-connected-devices-4104898
  7. Give me your account number i transfer I don't paynow or paylah
  8. please change the title to this thread.... wild-fi or hi-fi?
  9. ok, as long as you dun call this hifi. wild-fi is more apt.
  10. Long time ago there already was this debate about the miles and miles of cable carrying the ac vs the 1st metre connecting the wall mains to the audio component. Eventually people realise it's the first meter that counts...
  11. So easy to believe every single word put out on those marketing blurbs... ;D
  12. It is entirely possible that some power cords, however saccharine they sound, are hindering the system's ability to let you more of the sonic differences between different ethernet cables.... ;D
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