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  1. Item: Synergistic Research PoweCell 8SE Location: Singapore, East, Ceylon Road (Near Dunman Food Center) Price: $2500/= Item Condition: USED Reason for selling: Don't Need Anymore Payment Method: Pickup only + Cash/PayLah/PayNow payment Extra Info: Purchased in Aug 2019. With full packaging + receipt. Come with a 20Amp power cord - "Atmospheric Level 2 PowerCell AC cable". UK plug. For detail spec, pse refer to below link. LINK Photos (you must include photogr
  2. You are saying gel/polymer based cleaner no good because it introduce a layer of stickiness coating onto the stylus that attract fine dust. Have you try using those ultrasonic type stylus cleaner ??
  3. Item: A pair of DIY Mono Block Power Amp Using Hypex NCore NC400 Class D module and SMPS 600 PSU Location: Singapore / East side (near Joo Chiat / Dunman Road) Price: S$500 (Fixed + Self Collect only) - (PM me your mobile to deal). Item Condition: Used (fully run in). Reason for selling: Had since sold away my preamp (ARC LS27) and now with a int amp. Payment Method: Cash or Paylah! Extra Info: Can test on the spot with Logitech Touch as the source & pre-amp. Do note that Both SMPS fuse had been upgraded with "PADIS" fuse. The spk cable inside I think
  4. Wa. It been so long. Built this in 2013. Was using this pair for a few year with a couple of preamps. The last of which was a ARC LS-27 which I sold maybe about 2-3 years ago (+/-). After than this pair had been in my storeroom since than because I've simplify my setup to a intergraded amp. Today got sometime, clear the storeroom and notice this pair quietly sitting in one corner. Took them out to check. Tomorrow, maybe find sometime to power it up to see if it is still working or not. Below the pics (notice all the pervious pics all gone liao
  5. Marantz CD63SE. Copland Pre-Power can't remember the models, but were both tube based. TDL RTL3 and Monitor Audio Studio 2.
  6. 80s vintage technics linear tracking turntable. (100 Vac version - need a voltage step down adapter to work locally) Full working conditions and 8/10 in appearance. Black color. Asking for SGD 250/= For more pics of the actual TT, please go to the link: https://sg.carousell.com/p/vintage-technics-turntable-sl-j2-black-color-100-vac-version-1032768613/ If meet my asking price, will throw in a 200/240Vac to 100/120Vac step down adapter (Singway SW-S13) good for 100W. For details on this turntable (see ow it work), please
  7. The new Amati or a used Wilson Sahsa 1/2 or ATC
  8. https://taiwanleaftea.com/oolong-tea/dong-ding-oolong-tea Seem like can buy from Taiwan directly.
  9. Brought this 80s Technics SL-M1 turntable from Yahoo Japan, but unfortunately the tonearm at the counter weight portion seem to be spoil :'( :'( :'( Any one know locally able to find someone to repair this TT? Was also told that the tonearm used in this TT is same as SL-1200. Another option is to replace the complete tonearm (i.e. the s-tube) or maybe just change the portion of the tube that hold the counterweight (i.e. with this). If so will also need this local guy that is able to tie down and fix up.
  10. Won't it be easy and simple to just add a stereo power amp and just use the Marantz AVR as the pre amp (i.e. for both for stereo and HT) ? Still can use the Marantz AVR to integrate the two sub to the front spk properly.
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