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  1. Material looks brittle. I think third party head strap might be a better bet then.
  2. Noted the elite strap issues on Facebook as well as Reddit. Hopefully it is partly due to user’s fault. I will keep using the stock strap for the time being. As I am also using it for work - spatial visualisation - I find the Quest 2 has tremendous potential since FB decided to discontinue the Rift. Meaning Q2 will be the concentration for future development - tethered or not. However, sadly there are still hoops to jump before VR visualisation can be implemented fluidly. Optimisation for performance is the key. Let’s enjoy the upgraded experience of VR 😎
  3. Agreed on the cheap head strap. Cost cutting to bring the price down I supposed - this I can accept. Waiting for your feedback on the elite head strap. Wanted to order bundle version with elite strap but not available then. To reduce the front heaviness, I do minor adjustments of the strap to achieve the sweet spot. Of course with the elite strap, the process can be much simpler. Have you tried the 3D trailers on Bigscreen? I am not really a fan of 3D movies, but the 3D effect and clarity of some trailers are really enjoyable, particularly Ghost in the Shell trailer.
  4. Mine arrived last Thur. Super fast delivery from Amazon, although I did upgrade the delivery by paying US$5 more. Have been playing with it these few days - for fun as well as for work. Coming from GearVR (1st Gen), it is a huge upgrade for me. Playing beat sabre, Super Hot demo, Bigscreen, Firefox VR, YouTube VR, and Virtual Desktop. When I read that the price is lower than Q1 and minimal (if at all) screen door effect, I told myself I need to get one 🙂
  5. Thanks bro Sunblock for the info that Zidoo does not officially support DV in mkv container at the moment. However, as I previously posted, I managed to play some DV clips with various profiles with different degrees of success. I have no way to ascertain each clip matches the DV profiles stated in the clip titles, but as the clips are posted in makemkv website, I have to assume that those clips are really with DV profiles matching the titles. Could someone with DV panel also test those clips? Are your observation similar to mine? For my Zidoo setting, I leave the HDR sett
  6. There is still a bug in DV playback on LG TVs as reported on Zidoo Forum which I also experience it myself. When playing 4K 23.98 fps DV files in mkv container, or playing 4K 23.98 fps HDR files with LLDV engaged, there will be intermittent resync issue in the form of black screen followed by the flashing of Dolby Vision logo on the TV. The resync occurs randomaly - from a few seconds to a few minutes intervals. This has not been resolved with the latest beta firmware. It plays fine for 4K 60 fps DV files in mkv container though. DV playback is still work in progress in general. I am
  7. Another beta firmware for Z9X and Z10 Pro - ver 6.0.45. Downloading now. Hope it fixes some DV playback issues. http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?threads/new-firmware-v6-0-45-beta-version-for-zidoo-z9x-z10-pro-release.81868/
  8. Hmmm... the new firmware 6.0.35 beta does not resolve the DV playback issue I am hoping for. Playing back DV mkv movie files through Denon X7200WA to LG C8 still results in intermittent syncing issue (flashing black screen followed by Dolby Vision logo at random intervals - from 20 sec to 2 mins). This is consistent with other users in Zidoo forum, particularly LG Oled TV owners, but some Sony TV users also reported similar issue. Strange enough, some of the test files (DV mkv files in different DV profiles) available here either play flawlessly, play in HDR mode or does not play in HDR
  9. New firmwares 6.0.35 beta (G and non-G versions) are now out for testing. For Z9X, Z10 Pro, Z1000 Pro. http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?threads/beta-version-6-0-35-for-z9x-z10-pro-z1000-pro.80962/ Going to test on Z9X later tonight. Hoping that this will solve the DV resync issues.
  10. According to Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest , enabling AMD FreeSync Premium will disable Dolby Vision of the CX. I think that's why it trigger the Z9X to fall back on DV VS10 instead of LLDV. I don't have the CX and Z9X (yet), but gathering all the info here and Vincent Teoh's review, I came to the conclusion. Might be wrong.
  11. 1. Jeffong 2. jinx 3. jingwei79 4. y_s_goh 5. felixmu 6.foomj24 7. khlim_77 8. tifosi 9. flyfoxx
  12. I am also on firmware 2.0.34. Quite surprise to see 2.1.1.
  13. Phil Collins and Ed Sheeran sound fantastic. The other two not bad as well.
  14. You got it at a very good price! At £66.95, it will be a no brainer to get this set instead of the 4-LP set. But it has shot up to £96.70 now... Consider it is a 7-LP set, the price is reasonable; but not cheap enough to double dip yet :) Enjoy Eva singing in your room! :D
  15. I own the 4-LP 33RPM Nightbird. Bought from Amazon US. The recording is fantastic! I wondered what is sonic improvement for the 45RPM ones!
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