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  1. Do u guys maintain both Tidal and Spotify?
  2. Since u got a set sitting in your store room, sell to me lah.😜
  3. Thanks! Very good....
  4. I am still thinking whether to get Purifi or just get the NC400 diy kit. The latter needs only 30 min to assemble and hola you got a pair of top class D amp for less than 2k
  5. Ok now my turn.... just started on MC. Any recommendation for phono max 2k? Flexible for both MM and MC. I am on stock Technics SL1200GR, thanks πŸ™ MM I used Mani. ;D
  6. Looking at your set up, I am surprise u get humm from cables. Have u isolate your mains? Which eqpt gives u humm?
  7. Should be looking at this: Soncoz SGD1 Audio DAC.
  8. Marantz have a new one too. PM7000 or something like that. Good on board DAC and discrete power amps.... but no MQA.
  9. Then what kind of ans u want? It’s cheap and measured well then what else u want?
  10. Just buy lah so cheap. Then report ;D
  11. Anyone know if I still can these locally? Gonna use it for phono cable. Thanks.
  12. The 600W SMPS looks to be a good form factor to squeeze for dual mono in a small chassis... unless u put in those additional input buffers. When are u going to start ops... can I join u? :)
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