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  1. Item: Audio Protec (Made In Japan) Stylus Ultrasonic Cleaner Location: Singapore Price: $190 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not in use Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: This has sat in the drawer for more than 30 years - criminally forgotten. Made in Japan (so no worries about reliability), runs on a 9V battery. It has a clever notch at one end that you park against the spindle that makes it more stable in use. Complete with dust cover for the cleaning pad but no box. Call 91733121. Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have
  2. All vinyl titles for sale are in excellent condition. I bought them new at the time of release, very little play on them. Contact: 9173 3121 1. Star Wars Soundtrack, complete with poster and insert. Japanese press - 20th Century Records FMW37/38 Asking: $60 2. We Are The World / Grace 12” single 33rpm Columbia US2-05179 Asking: $10 3. KId Creole & The Coconuts (45rpm single) Don’t Take My Coconuts / If You Want To Be Happy / Going Places Island 121S190 (UK) Asking: $20 4. KId Creole & The Coconuts (45rpm single)
  3. My (as well as many others') back-up cartridge. Mounted once to confirm working order for a week, so tops 8 to 10 hours of use. I have been going back to MMs, so I think it's wise to let this go to someone looking to buy it new at a discount. The Denon's reputation is well deserved and upheld; so no further silly words from me on it :D Call or text 9642 1457.
  4. I have been using (only) and buying vinyl records for 47 years, and counting. You can begin to see why it’s the only music-carrier medium I favour; I only know how to buy records. What used to be one of only two ways to hear recorded music in the home, and abandoned and replaced in the digital age, has almost overnight become ultra-cool and a somewhat surreal undertaking. If you’re in it for those reasons, more like fads, you’ll be dumping your goods before the decade is out. On the one hand, it’s hard to see why people gravitate towards vinyl - when the mode of operation feels so wrong i
  5. In good condition with original boxes. Bought from Martin Electronics with receipt. I no longer have the horns that used to house them so I need to let drivers go to another enthusiastic user. I am looking for $1500 for the pair but am open to offers. Call Kee at 62712642.
  6. 8 ohms, with original boxes, asking $1500 for the pair. Good surround foam condition, no quirks. Call Kee at 65434997
  7. Following on my earlier ad at http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=90802.0 The wood ply backhorn at $400. Price is less than one third of what it cost to make it. The fibreglass fronthorn also at $400. The Lowther driver will on ebay if there are no takers. Enquire with Kee at 65434997.
  8. No offer? As a sweetener, buyer has first option to buy several prized vinyl titles from my collection. I am thinking of letting go heavy box sets like the John Coltrane 12 discs on Atlantic/Rhino and the Complete Miles Davies Quintet 10 discs on Mosaic. The first goes for $550, the second for $700. Many, many others.
  9. I am moving to a smaller space that won't fit them, so reluctantly have to let these go. Martin Seddon designed the horns for use with a single Lowther driver. I am probably the first after himself to build them. They are not easy to do, so few have done them. They also have a large footprint; see his plans and note the dimensions. They may not get past a regular room door but should do fine with most main doors. Martin has seen and heard my samples and given them his stamp of approval. The front and back extension horns are made of fibre-glass and the back-horn of genuine 18mm marin
  10. It was apparent to me that a Jan Allaert was doing duty unless the midas body, with which I am unfamiliar, looks the same as the JA - the psuedo gold body et all. For better or worse, it sure didn't sound like the 103.
  11. I think it is safe for me to say none of us kidded ourselves to believe we got all the components at the height of their swing. I think the participants did hit into a number of walls at times, but that is to be expected. But no one was out to pick winners and condemn losers, and believe it, there were none of the latter. I think of Noising in terms of the home-brew beer festival I attend annually. Stripped of the resources of big players, each entrant, instead of whining, tries, some with intuitive ingenuity, some a little less, to put their own mark, their own spin, to rise above obstacles a
  12. Could you sign me in as a non-participant? I will be riding with Tony Wong. Kee
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