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  1. Wow, the is pretty good! Intriguing, fast pace, arresting and very entertaining. Binged 3 episodes and will continue tomorrow.
  2. Congrats to Hamster record 91 wins tying Schumacher’s achievement and surely he will also get his 7th world championship title too at the end this season!
  3. The German's worst nightmare! Hope this is only a blip! Sent from my Note10+
  4. But the foreground is a mess....too dark and no details!
  5. Funny thing is this was thrashed by IMDB so I gave it a miss ;D
  6. This Sharp 70" looks attractive, price and PQ wise at $2,599 at HN Parkway Parade. Sent from my Note10+
  7. Looks like it’s gonna be Bottas, Max and Hamster in that order :)
  8. Saw the highlights between the Blues vs Reds and the biggest difference was the Goalkeepers!! :)
  9. Korean movies in a roll. All very watchable. Sent from my Note10+
  10. The following for clearance. My loss your gain all for $20. 1x1.5m and 1x2m Palics 1x1.5m and 3x3m Aiborgs No introduction needed as many in this forum are using it. Collection at Bedok MRT station coming Sunday morning. First come first get. WhatsApp 96793411 Sent from my Note10+ Sent from my Note10+
  11. Much better than Peninsula. Reckon it’s on par with Train to Busan :)
  12. 3 Outsiders on the podium, think first time that happened! No Mercedes, no RB and no Ferrari...hahaha Sent from my Note10+
  13. If you ask me, I would prefer Lea Salonga’s original soundtrack in Mulan 2000, the animated film! Her voice is crystal clear, controlled and persuasively powerful ;D
  14. Surprised me too so look again and try to spot him ;D
  15. You know what, I can hardly recognise Jet Li :P ;D Also I felt weird when the dialogue is in English ;D But it’s a watchable movie with excellent color tone :)
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