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  1. The video is enlightening but I believe our local AVA would have banned the importation if it did not pass the health and consumption standards.
  2. Dory comes from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam mostly and they are safe to consume according to Agri-Food n AVA. Most eateries use Dory for Fish n Chip meal locally.
  3. CTraditional Family Cuisine. You have to use the Xindots App to claim a free dollar voucher first then order and pay thru' the app for the standard Nasi Sambal or Rawon at &4.50. The dlr would be automatically deducted and you pay only $3.50. You will get a further rebate 40 cents from Xindots into your Ewallet!! I m a weekly customer so your mileage may vary in terms of portion and side dishes!
  4. Wow, $16 is definitely expensive, no way I m paying this price... Today, I had the duo (fried Dory chunks) and freshly cooked Batang fish soup for $4.40 at Amoy. Super value for money for one of the best fish soups around town. Dapau the Nasi Padang at Maxwell for $3.10. only. Another super value for money with beef Randang to die for. Comes with sayur lodeh and tofu, begedil, fried tempeh bits and achar...sedap!
  5. I agree , zoom and crop will lose it’s original intent and image quality will be affected.!
  6. Here we go...at $4.50 this is really value for money in terms of taste (savory and wok hei) and generous portion of sliced beef (marinated) that you would relish and come back for more. What u waiting for??
  7. No zoom feature in my TV menu!! Only 16:9 or 4:3!,
  8. I know but can’t do it with my Zidoo, AVR and my 7 years old 65” 4K TV!!
  9. Don’t enjoy it as much as I like to cos’ of the 4:3 aspect ratio and cooler colour tone!!
  10. Haha, too many so don’t know which one to post. Lately, a lot of 1 for 1 from Fave, Shopback and great rebate from Xindots. Going to Amoy tomorrow for Beef Hor Fun with black bean sauce! 🙂
  11. s20FE available at Lazada too below $900 (5G) good pricing and value for money Phone!
  12. The Vivo X50 Pro shud be up your alley. Good specs and camera plus decent pricing.
  13. Amazing race and results. Perez maiden win, Ocon maiden podium and Stroll’s 2nd podium....all outsiders. Congrats to them for taking fight to Mercedes. Sorry George...good drive but not your fault! Feel your heartbreak and sincerely hope you get another stab next week!
  14. George Russell it is🙂 Now, can he deliver?
  15. Congrats to Hamster for another win and setting another record at Bahrain......also congrats to him for testing positive for C-19 and will be out in the next race😁
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