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  1. Thanks, ability to resell or trade in is also something i think about and no dealers will take in cartridge for trade in. I want to get something for a start to see whether i really enjoy before i consider to invest more in the future, but it cannot be so mediocre that i will miss the digital playback. So i have been hopping around shops hopefully to hear something i like and to get as is - so that i have a benchmark against what i will hear at home. Like you say these shops did not setup in ideal conditions so rightfully i should be able to get better sound at home. May i ask what is the refe
  2. Thanks for sharing, appreciate it. And yes i am already collecting records before i got the TT. Haha 😅
  3. Thanks for recommending the MoFI Ultradeck, its really awesome for the price. It didn't lose to those 8k setup that i tested by much but at half the price. Just great 👍
  4. Thank you. I probably will get everything from a single dealer.. So that i can have a listen to their setup and sort of have a benchmark what to expect. Can also build a long term relationship with the dealer to learn more about the different aspects of TT setup. Will try out the Mofi ultradeck though, apparently the Wow Acoustics in adelphi carry it and have the highest specced Mofi for audition.
  5. My budget includes phonostage as well.. but will visit if i can
  6. thanks for the recommendation, however I think this will definitely exceed what i want to pay for my first turntable setup.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. Seems like the MOFI dealer that i found are more of selling records than hardware? I very new to this so probably will need help with installation and reliable dealer support. And don't think i will try anything adventurous until i am more familiar with it.
  8. This was not recommended to me when i approach them. They only offer me EATS, probably because of my budget. I think below 10k is just turntable and tonearm only? I did drop an email to HER and Colin did not offer me this but offer me the clearaudio concept active instead, which i probably will give it a miss. Even though i have not hear it yet, based on reviews online i doubt it will reach the quality of the full EATS and Goldnote setup i heard, albeit at a much cheaper price.
  9. Don't mind 2nd hand but at the price of the traded in sets, i will prefer to get new for guaranteed dealer support. Very new to this so getting from good dealers is a must for me. Origin Live was not recommended to me when i visit Modular, maybe its out of my budget? I listened to Rega TT before in the past, think its a RP6, and don't think it's my type of sound. Reminds me of the focal/naim combination which while good, is not my preference.
  10. Hi folks, want to add vinyl playback to my current stereo setup which is primarily for CD and streaming. Not planning to go all the way as i am using more as a complement to playback music that are not released in CD/streaming or when digital sources are clearly inferior. Have tried Goldnote setup with the Pianosa turntable and Goldnote PH10 phono amp and E.A.T.S setup with the C-Sharp turntable and the E-Glo Petit phono amp. I will be happy with either of them and amazingly they are at the exact same price. Is there any other setup at this range (<10k all in) that i should try
  11. still buying but it’s more and more difficult to buy locally.
  12. I don't quite understand the issue too. Are you saying that you don't have sufficient volume control on your pre-amp? You playing at 8 o'clock?
  13. Item: Auris Audio HA2SE Location: Punggol Price: $1588 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Clearing space for more upgrades! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayNow, Paylah Extra Info: This is a beautiful headphone amplifier that will not look out of place in a designer home. It’s single ended but comes with switchable impedance selection so you will have no problems regardless what headphone you might have. Here are some of the reviews that you can find online. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/auris-ha2-se.847116/ https://www.headfonia.com/review-
  14. is there a hype? haha.. But i am a fan of their collection as i think it's well curated with good sound quality.
  15. Can share how you use in your setup? I use for my CDP and i think the results is mixed.
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