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  1. Hi pls pm me if you have a copy to let go.
  2. sorry not sure whether this is the right thread to post, but can i ask whether scratches on the vinyl be fixed? I have a very heartpain accidental drop 😞
  3. haha are you doing a speakers group testing?
  4. Nice! Wondering which should come first, upgrading the power supply for phono preamp or the turntable itself?
  5. While it's announced i don't think its available in retail yet. Even Acoustics Sound web store is still showing pre-order status Edit: sorry i eat my words, i just saw it on Wow Records webstore!
  6. You are right, maybe i am just sad that the HD800 which i bought for collection only had just depreciate alot in value. haha
  7. Yes i try without the mat.. Can't confirm yet whether it helps with static but somehow the sound feels a little off.. Will try over a longer period and see how it goes. thanks folks!
  8. Thanks for sharing, i was looking at these different RCM options and it all required quite a fair bit of space.. So far seems like only Degritter fits the space i have but will continue to look around.
  9. Hello folks new Goldnote user here with a Pianosa and using a Lyra Delos cartridge. There was a few times when i forget to use the clamp and the sound is significantly worse off. Conversely if clamps does matters, just wondering whether a better sound quality can be achieved using an aftermarket clamp? Also i experiencing some static issues whenever i playback several LP in a row. It can get so bad that the static noise is heard when i change the LP. I try playing with my aircon switch off so that the air is not so dry but doesn't really solve the issues, besides a bad listening e
  10. I think it come as no surprise when they create a variant of their TOTL headphone for Massdrop, the ultimate platform to erode value in my opinion.
  11. Yup at some point will probably get one.. at this juncture the folks at audio atelier had kindly offered to help me do so if i need any records to be cleaned. 🙂
  12. thanks bros! Really enjoying but probably I spend too much on records. Haha.. happy lunar new year everyone!
  13. ya i mean with those streaks on the record it still can be played.. and i don't really hear anything unusual but just don't seems right to me. haha
  14. Yup got both but for the record brushes i not so comfortable to use. To me it seems like no matter how light pressure i apply, it seems to leave streaks behind on the records. End up i got one big make up brush with horse hair and i thought it works better in leaving those dust and particles.
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