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  1. Just go to online upgrade in your Zidoo device settings. It should show v6.3.2_G as available. Click upgrade and follow the online instructions.
  2. Yup, I too did an online update from v6.2.5_G to v6.3.2_G. Great to be able to do so online for the first time in a long time!
  3. Yes, can play UHD ISO files via SMB or NFS. The latter is very reliable. SMB has a small bug which you can easily workaround. oppo-jb.com now offers a solution which does not require the 205 to be opened up.
  4. Totally understand your motivations in moving your reviews to your own website. Miss your reviews here though!
  5. I followed mcbluna's instructions but still no joy. Then I switched off the device waited 10 seconds and switched it on again (previously I was rebooting). I then got a new GSF ID. I followed mcbluna's instructions to register the new GSF ID and rebooted, still got problem. Then I switched off the device waited 10 seconds and switched it on again. Tried to open Play Store and voila! no problem! Thanks for your help.
  6. Z1000 PRO FW v6.1.05G Having problems logging in to Play Store notwithstanding that the device is registered. Was okay before the FW update but now cannot log in any more. Any suggestions on how I can get it to work again?
  7. Imo targeting "Chinese" wine makers in Australia may be counterproductive for the reason Marc mentioned. Any boycott should instead target products grown, or substantially manufactured, in the country which is the target of any boycott.
  8. The customs duty is SGD 88 per litre of alcohol. So if the alcohol content of the wine is, say, 13%, the duty for a 750ml bottle of wine should be about SGD 8.58 (SGD 88 x 13% x 0.75). GST will be payable on the price + shipping + customs duty @ 7%.
  9. Anyone tried firmware v2.3.35 Beta version for ZIDOO Z9S? Music Player 6.0 is not scanning my sources! It starts scanning and then abruptly exits after scanning only 10 out of some 1600 tracks in my database.
  10. Answering my own question. There is clearly a replicable bug in how the Oppo 205 accesses SMB. First time I access any particular shared folder (Folder 1), no problem. If I exit and try and access the same shared Folder 1, I get a log in error. However, if I access another shared folder (Folder 2), and then access Folder 1 again, no problem. Go figure! The good news is that I have no such issues using NFS to access the same shared folders. So am a happy camper! Apart from the SMB login problem which does not bother me anymore as I access using NFS, the Oppo 205 is an absolutel
  11. Does anyone else have any problems logging in to their SMB server from their Oppo 203/205? Whenever I try to connect from my Oppo 205 via SMB to my NAS, I am generally able to connect the first time around. However when I next try to access the files in the same session, I get a log in error. Sometimes when I refresh through a re-scan, I am able to log in again and sometimes not! Very random!
  12. One other potential benefit of the UB820 JB is the option to choose Basic (350 nits) / High (500 nits) Luminance Projector HDR Display Types. This option is built in to the higher end UB9000 but not available in the default UB820 firmware. Helpful if one is using a projector and does not want to spend money on the higher end audio features of the UB9000.
  13. This has worked well for my UB820 (https://www.regionfreedom.com/index.php/enhanced-firmware/panasonic-blu-ray-players/67-dp-ub420-dp-ub424-dp-ub820-dp-ub824-dp-ub9000-dp-ub9004/182-dp-ub420-ub424-ub820-ub824-ub9000-ub9004-enhanced-firmware-for-selected-models-eb-ef-eg-gn-p-pc)
  14. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this comment in but as a Sony UBP-X700 user I was very pleasantly surprised and thought some other owners may be interested! My 10 year old 4-bay Intel Atom based NAS started to give me low disk storage alerts. I then had a choice of either putting in larger disks or adding a new NAS with more bays and larger disks and using my old NAS as a back up for critical files. I decided on the latter and bought an 8-bay QNAP Intel Core I-5 NAS. Surprised and delighted when I found out that I could stream 4K UHD and 1080P Bluray ISO files directly o
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