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  1. It all depends on synergies.... some speakers (planars) would require high current amps. Some would synergise with tube amps better. Amps need to be able to control the speakers that they drive and better amps could drive and control with more refinement. Generally, I prefer tube and class A amps but there are class AB amps that are also very good... the Dan D'Agostino is one of the best class AB amp that betters a number of class A amps in my opinion. And in hifi, it is always about the weakest link... when you upgrade your amp, you will then find that maybe your source or preamp may not be a
  2. Not too sure what music you play. But maybe you may want to have certain theme days - jazz on certain days, vocals, classical etc.
  3. Congrats. This is a good concept and proposition for audiophiles and I wish you good luck and success in your venture. Anyone knows of any other "audiophile" cafes?
  4. I think the Arc may be a good match. Most tube amps do well with Maggie. The pass lab was also synergistic with the Maggies.
  5. hmmm interesting... I would suggest that your speakers may not have been leveled in the first place and hence not getting that pin point imaging. your tweak may have inadvertently help it level.
  6. are there any live channels? Are they laggy or pixeted?
  7. This is going to be quite contentious unless they ban apps that allows streaming of movies and videos. Our android phones can effectively stream such movies with apps. Are they going to ban android phones as well?
  8. Sure or not? Anyone who deviates from the the Harbeth 40.1 does not have taste....
  9. Would that not result in a more direct vibration that may be detrimental to sound?
  10. Offer the service out with a price and see who engages you.
  11. Bass traps straddling across all corners and diffusers on front wall is what I think would best improve listening pleasure.
  12. Actually sometimes you can tell on by what tweaks they spend on. Some people spend 50% to 100% of their total hi-fi cost on tweaks. Those a tree e quite die hard audiophiles and not the type looking for bragging rights.
  13. I am looking for one of this nos tubes. Please let me know if you have any. Thank you.
  14. How was your audition? Was it a compelling buy? I am contemplating a all in one solution to simplify my hifi.
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